The Ministries in the Christian Education Department facilitate Academic Growth, Spiritual Growth, and Leadership Development.

PURPOSEThe ministries in the Christian Education Department facilitate the academic, spiritual growth, and leadership development of individuals.
LeadershipKATHY CHRISTY, Director, Christian Education
Deacon CHARLES HENDERSON, Associate Director, Christian Education
BOBBY KIRBY, Ministry Leader, Academic Success
CANDICE FLY-LEE, Children’s Church, Ministry Leader
EMMA HOUSTON, Ministry Leader, Great Expectations
PATRICIA OTIEDE, Ministry Leader, Sunday School
PositionsDirector; Associate Director;  Ministry Leader; Ministry Member; Teacher;

Academic Success

The Academic Success Ministry provides educational enrichment resources for our church community.

Camp Calvary

Camp Calvary provides biblical lessons and discussions about the unfailing love of Jesus Christ at their level of understanding. We invite children from 3 to 11 to join us during the 11:00 am service.

Great Expectations

The Great Expectations Teams facilitates Leadership Training for all levels of participation.