Our Great Expectations


Our Vision is to be a Church of Great Expectations, exalting God by: enlisting, engaging, encouraging, and empowering every person to reach their fullest potential.

Enlisting (believing): to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and to become active members of His church. 


  • being believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • being active members of the church
  • being unifying Ministry Members and Leaders
  • participating with the congregation in worship
  • assisting the congregation in realizing her full potential as a Church of Great Expectations
  • reaching out to the larger community by spreading the Good News of the Gospel

The outcome of Enlisting is Membership.

Engaging (behaving): to gather with members and participate in small as well as large group worship and study. 


  • encouraging ministry members to be Healthy Church Members
  • removing our personal preferences and desires from our leadership choices, actions and behaviors
  • being on one accord with all groups working together in unity
  • doing everything with a customer service approach…always asking what can I do to make a positive difference in each person’s life

The outcome of Engaging  is Fellowship.

Encouraging (belonging): to live so that our lives become lamps lighting the world and we become spiritual examples. 


  • spending time in personal prayer
  • praying for ministry members
  • actively participating in bible study
  • offering the best of ourselves to the glory of God
  • providing a variety of Christ-lead options to meet the spiritual needs of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences

The outcome of Encouraging is Discipleship.

Empowering (becoming): to teach and cause others to mature and become well-rounded believers to reach their fullest potential. 


  • listening to and responding to the concerns of ministry members
  • preparing ministry members to step into the leader roles
  • treating Ministry Leadership as a Gift
  • functioning as Ministry Leaders
  • being examples of a servant leader

The outcome of Empowering is Leadership.