Our Faith

Our essential beliefs are:

The Bible, consisting of 66 books, is the Word of God and is the standard for our Beliefs and Behavior.

Our Theology

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was virgin born, never sinned, and is the only way to forgiveness of sin.

God the Father

God loves us unconditionally and we are saved by His Grace through Faith.


Baptism does not save but is an act of obedience.

The Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper is evidence of our covenant relationship with God.

The Church

The Church is a group of Baptized Believers in Jesus Christ, striving towards perfection.

Followers of Christ

Believers in Christ grow to Spiritual Maturity and the gifts of the Spirit.


Death is the separation of the Spirit from the dust.


Eternal life is for all…with God, in Heaven…and without God, in Hell.