Open Position: Calvary Baptist Church Communications Executive


Position Type: Staff
Season: Church Year
Salary: Negotiable
Hours: 30- 40 hours per week
Application deadline: November 13, 2020
email resumes to:


The person in this position is vital to the re-branding or re-imaging of the Calvary Baptist Church. Not only for the purpose of reaching new people, but also for getting the idea of change in the minds of the membership.

• They should be able to articulate the Christian Family Value system and incorporate it in the communications of the church.
• They should prayerfully, commit to serving the Calvary Baptist Church’s communication ministry in a way that furthers Pastor Oscar T Moses’s vision of “preparing future generations to evangelize the world” By maximizing the capabilities of Servant Keeper and other resources to impact engagement & growth for the advancement of the kingdom.


Maintain and support the Calvary Baptist Church’s communications Platform both online and offline with the goal of improving church engagement and outreach.


Position accountable to Administration Director Bro. Jackie Robertson


Position responsible for Creating, Maintaining & Distributing communications Digitally and otherwise for the Calvary Baptist Church


o Believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior
o Be Baptized
o Be an active member of the Church
o Be an active participant in congregational worship virtually or in person



This position requires the following Knowledge:
o Project Management
o Copywriting, proofreading and editing
o Written and verbal communications skills
o Mailchimp & Eventbrite Usage
o Ability to acquire technical knowledge of each component of communication platform Servant Keeper, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress

Skills / Talents

This position requires the following Skills/Talents
o Data Entry
o Excellent Communications skills both verbal and written
o Organization & time management skills
o Interpersonal and presentation skills


This position requires at least two of the following Spiritual Gifts:
Administration: The ability to understand clearly the immediate and long-term goals of a particular unit of the body of Christ and to devise and execute effective plans for the accomplishment of those goals. [ Like 14:28-30, Act 6:1-7, Acts 27:11, 1 Cor 12:28, Titus 1:5]
Leadership: The ability to set goals in accordance with God’s purpose for the future, and to communicate these goals to others in such a way they voluntarily and harmoniously work together to accomplish those goals for the glory of God. [ Luke 9:51, Acts 7:10, Acts 15:7:11. Romans 12:8, 1 Tim :17, Heb 13:17, Heb 13:17]
Knowledge: The ability to discover, accumulate, analyze and clarify information and ideas which are pertinent to the well-being of the ministry. [ Acts 5:1-11, 1 Cor 2:14, 1 Cor 18:8, 2Cor 11:6. Col 2: 2-3 ]
Wisdom: The ability to apply knowledge to meet the specific needs of the ministry members. [ Acts 6: 3-10, 1Cor 2:14, 1 Cor 12:8. James 1 6:5-6, 2 Peter 3:15-16]


o Update and maintain Calvary’s communication platforms {Servant Keeper| Mailchimp| Text Messaging lists| Newsletter | Calvary website| Create a group within servant keeper for each pillar and/or ministry}
o Craft and distribute weekly/monthly announcement emails to the whole church, and/or to church leadership body on behalf of Pastor or any other subgroup as needed
o Craft and automate “Welcome Emails “for visitors
o Use the communication platform to recruits a team of volunteers willing to serve in the communications ministry
o Oversee the “Membership Drive Initiative” to exhort church members to update their family profiles on record
o Draft follow up letter and/or other type of communication designed to engage people who call the “Decision Time Counselors” seeking membership with the Calvary Baptist Church
o Provide technical assistance & Resources to the users of the Calvary Communication Platform
o Monitor the Servant Keeper, Facebook page, Website, Instagram account.
o Post information/ videos to the Facebook page, website, Instagram account as needed