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W.A.R. Bible Study Series: The Fruit of the Spirit


Study Date: October 13, 2020

Pull Yourself Together!

Gentleness Accomplishes More is the title of Susan Piver’s recent lesson from her beautiful Open Heart Project.”[1] Gentleness Accomplishes More! That is a very powerful statement. It is akin to the You can catch more bees with honey cliché. The statement is true, Gentleness Accomplishes More but it can be very hard to obtain a gentle personality. It can become hard to live out gentle.

Personally, I am a Don’t Step On My Blue Suede Shoes personality. When I am irritated, tired or just plain moody, there is one thing for sure; gentleness is not my go-to position. My right away default position is to tighten up, shut down, fight or flight. It can be difficult to pull myself together.

It is not always about what makes you feel good. If we are to grow we have to be willing to endure the process in which God develops and cultivates the Fruit of the Spirit to prevent us from falling apart. This lesson is about pulling yourself together and collecting your emotions that the Holy Spirit might develop the attribute of gentleness in your life.

Dr. Oscar T. Moses 

The Big Idea: A real Christian shows genuine concern, kindness and compassion for others.


Paul now moves to the fifth attribute of the Fruit of the Spirit, which is gentleness. It is the Greek Word chrēstotēs as it relates to tender concern for others. It is a word that means kindness and kindness does not necessarily mean nice. One can be nice to receive what they want but gentleness emerges because of the needs of others. Gentleness is acting toward the good of people no matter what they do. It is the ability to be kind towards those persons who are trying your patience. Gentleness emerges by the Holy Spirits ability to harness your tempered reaction towards a sweet disposition. 

One scholar said that gentleness applies to our interpersonal relationships and it gives the idea of adapting to others as opposed to making others adapt to you. (Sparkling Gems from the Greek, Rick Renner).  Gentleness expects nothing in return but is the genuine desire of a believer to treat others gently. We must take our cue of gentleness from Jesus. Jesus was gentle. 

Let’s observe the gentleness of Jesus Christ.

  1. He interacted with people that most people had written off. See Matthew 11:19.
  2. He tolerated people that others thought were insignificant. Read Matthew 19:13-14.
  3. He responded to people based upon their needs and not His wants. In Mark 6 Jesus had been teaching all day long and at the end of his teaching He knew the crowd was hungry. The disciples said send them away but Jesus responded to the need and not His wants.

Key Thought:  Gentleness refers to ones ACTIONS. Meekness refers to ones ATTITUDE. The definition of gentleness is “power under control.” The word picture is of a massive horse that has the power to run someone down but because it has been tamed it redirects that energy towards a milder disposition. Power under control is like an ocean of water with a powerful undercurrent flowing through a manmade water system. Water that’s under control would be water rushing through a dam turning turbines, generating electricity to light a city. Water out of control would be a flood destroying everything in its path. Water has power but when it’s under control it becomes gentle.


  1. How does Proverbs 15:1 refer to gentleness of speech?
  2. How did Jesus display gentleness in Matthew 9:35-36?
  3. According to 1 Peter 3:1-6 how can a wife’s gentle actions help her husband?
  4. How does Philippians 4:5 pertain to gentleness?
  5. How does 2 Timothy 2:24-26 pertain to this lesson?
  6. How does gentleness reflect the life of a maturing Christian?

Make It Plain

  1. How do you respond to beggars on the street?
  2. How is gentleness valuable when conducting business?
  3. Can gentleness be harmful when conducting business?
  4. Why is gentleness important when representing yourself as a Christian?
  5. How has gentleness harmed or helped the church when dealing with hot button issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, racism, etc.? 

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[1] Susan Piver, Gentleness Accomplishes More, article October 28, 2013.