Softly Re-opening…

Date: September 20, 2020
Time: 11:00 am

Max Attendees: 99
Contact the Church office to reserve a seat: 801 355 1025

Starting Sunday September 27th, 2020, we will begin the process of softly re-opening Calvary’s sanctuary to in-person worship services. Each Sunday during this Pilot Program will include those working on the AV Team, musicians, Praise Team, and those assigned to work during the services to ensure a smooth running of the services. 

This memo is intended to provide you with information on the process we will follow as we begin to softly re-open Calvary’s Sanctuary for worship services. 

1. Initially we will begin with only one service, which will be held at the 11:00 a.m. hour. Because of the guidelines that will be followed, those attending would need to arrive early in order to be properly checked in. 

2. The worship services will not exceed one hour. It will start promptly at 11am and will adjourn no later than 12 noon. 

3. A maximum of 99 people will be allowed into the sanctuary during the service. 

4. All individuals wishing to attend the service must call the Church Office (801.355.1025) Tuesday-Friday between 9am-3pm to make reservations to attend. Admittance will be based on reservations made and on a first come first serve basis. You will be assigned a number to give to leaders handling the reservation list. 

5. You will need to call every week you want to attend Worship Service to make your reservations. 

6. Everyone will be required to wear a mask, regardless of age. 

7. Everyone will be required to sit in designated areas to respect social distancing. 

8. While Calvary will do everything possible to observe State and CDC guidelines, entering the facility signifies you are entering at your own risk and accept the waiver of exonerating Calvary of any responsibility related to your health and safety while attending these services. 

9. Please note that if your health is compromised in any way, Calvary prayerfully requests that you continue to refrain from in-person services and continue to connect with us virtually through our You-Tube services and Facebook Live until it is deemed completely safe for you to return in person. Calvary is committed to continuing with our virtual presence for the future. 

10. Members and non-members alike may begin calling the Church Offices starting Tuesday to reserve your space for Worship Services starting September 27th, 2020. 

11. The Nursery will not be open nor will any class rooms. 

12. There will be limited/restricted use of the restroom facilities as we must maintain the 6’ social distancing at all times. 

13. You may drop your tithes, gifts and offering in the collection tray upon exiting the Worship Services. 

14. No socializing or fraternizing in the building after Worship Service. 

Please feel free to call the Church Office or Sis. Sylvia Morris, or Deacon Chair Stan Johnson if you have any questions or concerns related to these guidelines. 

Thank you for your understanding and we pray that God will continue to lead and guide us as we begin this Pilot Program of safely returning to worshiping in the sanctuary again. 

Be Encouraged! 

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