Bereavement Ministry

One of the many duties of the bereavement ministry is to visit the home of the grieving family. People react differently to losing a loved one. Some people need to talk, while others need to listen. The ministry will sit with the bereaved at their home and offer any services required. They will often pray with the suffering when they contact the main Calvary office phone 801-355.1025.  A member of the Bereavement Ministry will be notified. You may also contact the Shepherd’s Staff ministry by email: A meeting is requested to meet with the designated representative of the deceased to officially speak on behalf of the bereaved and deceased the primary person designated to officially speak on behalf of the deceased.  This meeting simply involves a member of Shepherds’ Staff to gather information related to the deceased and provide information to the bereaved if they are interested in having the service or memorial at Calvary Baptist Church.  Currently we must adhere to the current Covid-19 outlined by the state of Utah’s Health Department:   

We are obligated to facilitate funerals of the members of Calvary Baptist Church during COVID-19 according to CDC Guidelines. However, because of safety concerns of staff and guidelines that have been set in place by the CDC, the Calvary Baptist Church will not facilitate funerals outside of its immediate membership. We have chosen this position with respect to public safety and welfare. Calvary Baptist Church will work with the local funeral homes to help honor these requests. There will be no exceptions made in this case due to severity of the matter and high risk to the public. 

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