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Bible Study: A Better You – Part III – Heaven is My Goal

A Better You – Part III – Heaven is My Goal

Dr. Oscar T. Moses
Study Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee.

Proverbs 4:25

Proposition: What we look at has a direct impact on our behavior. God does not want our eyes to entertain everything.

William Shakespear said the eyes are windows of the soul. The interesting fact about windows is you can look in and you can look out of them. The eyes are quite telling. You can learn a lot from the eyes of a person. The eyes often speak what the mouth does not say. What we allow our eyes to see and what we protect our eyes from determines the condition of the heart. David said in Psalm 101:3 – “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes.” 

Matthew Henry said pertaining to tonight’s study text: We must make a covenant with our eyes. We must keep our eyes upon our Master, and be careful to approve ourselves to him; keep our eye upon our rule, and conform to that; keep our eye upon our mark, the prize of the high calling, and direct all towards that. Oculum in metam -The eye upon the goal.”

This lesson is designed to teach the signficance of embracing eternity through spiritual sight and avoiding distractions that shift the Christian from the Will of God. Heaven is our Goal!!! Here it is! There are some things God does not want Christians to look upon because they distract and prevent you from becoming “A Better You.”  

Dr. Oscar T. Moses


Solomon gives (2) two directives in this text: 

  1. Embrace Eternity With Our Eyes
  2. Guard Our Gaze From Distractions 
Embrace Eternity With Our Eyes

Solomon says to us, “Let thine eyes look right on.” What does it mean to look right on? The word “right on” in the Hebrew is one word; the word “nokakh” means what is straight in front of you. This saying means to fix the eyes firmly and hold them steady on an object that is before and to become visually established towards a final destination. Solomon is taking liberty at assuming here that you already know what is right and therefore the Earthly Fixation is paramount to the Eternal Destination. In other words, Solomon is saying: If heaven is your goal you must watch where you are going.

Guard Our Gaze From Distractions

Solomon says, “and let thine eyelids look straight befor thee.” Eyelids are used here in what is called “poetic parallelism” with eyes. He parrallels the eyes and the eyelids. The eyes are to be fixed on heaven and the eyelids are to keep the eyes from distraction. The command is this; stay focused and remain aware of distractions that exist to sidetrack your purpose. Eyes have a tendency to wander and the eyelids are here commanded to guard our eyes from distraction. I must admit that I had a difficult time interpreting this text because in my mind I was thinking eyelashes. I remembered once running on the treadmill and sweat almost got in my eyes that were on my eyelashes. I felt a drop almost get in but my eyelids guarded my eyes. Eyelids protect our eyes even if we have to close them from distractions. If heaven is our goal then there are some things we must keep from distracting us on the journey there.

The Clarity of the Lesson

What we allow our eyes to see has hurtful or helpful consequences. What we see has a direct impact on our behavior. Jesus expressed how vital the eyes are to the health of our hearts: Read Matthew 6:22-23. 

Bible Exploration Questions
  1. What does this verse mean? Matthew 18:9
  2. Read Job 31:1.
  3. How does 1 John 2:16-17 pertain to this lesson?
  4. How does Genesis 3:6 pertain to this lesson?
  5. What does Matthew 5:28 say about the eyes?
  6. What does Psalm 119:37 instruct us to do?

Thought: What trips us up is the Periphery of Life. PERIPHERY means the outer limits or edge of an area or object. Peripheral vision pertains to side vision; what is seen out of the side while looking forward. The truth is, the periphery distracts us and often trips us up. We live in a visually, sexually charged world and distractions of such are every where. Some things you cant help but see. It’s a struggle to get your eyes in check. The struggle is not all lustfully, some of it is nosily. We just want to see some things yet those are the things that stop us from getting where we need to be. The Periphery of Life can slow down the process of getting you where God needs you to be.

  1. How was Asaph effected by the Periphery of Life in Psalm 73:1-3.
  2. How was Peter effected by the Periphery of Life in Matthew14:25-31.

Let’s Talk About It.

  1. How does the eyes contribute to moral purity?
  2. How does the eyes contribute to moral impurity?
  3. Can watching television distract our relationship with God?
  4. Can social media distract our relationship with God?
  5. What would a “Covenant” with your eyes consist of? 
  6. How can one spiritually look at the wrong things? (For example, missing what God is saying on Sunday mornings because of looking from a flawed spiritual perspective.)
  7. What does it mean to be spiritually blind?
  8. How is a person misled when spiritually blind? 
  9. How do you know when a person is spiritually blind?

Final Thought: Be careful what you feed your eyes

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