Study date: 29 Dec. 19
1 Chronicles 17: 16-27

Memory Verse:   “O Lord, there is none like thee, neither is there any God beside thee, according to all that we have heard with our ears.”  

1 Chronicles 17: 20

Guiding Principle:   When we are honored, we should pray a prayer of gratitude, praise, and petition.

Resources for the Seed:   Revelation 11: 15-19, 1 Chronicles 14: 26-33, Deuteronomy 31: 9-13, 2 Chronicles 5: 2-7, 2 Chronicles 5: 11-14, 2 Chronicles 4: 19-5:1.


To sense the significance of David’s prayer.
To emulate the faithfulness of David.
To embrace the prayer of gratitude and praise to God from David.

Words To Remember

Established—confirmed, supported.
Greatness—majesty, dignity, great thing.
Nation—a people.
Redeem—To ransom, to save.
Revealed—uncovered, removed, told.
Servant—slave, one working for another.

Breaking Up Fallow Ground

What ways can and should we worship God?
What are the aspects of prayer other than petition?
To whom is prayer addressed?
What should you and I be grateful for?
Why do we focus on the most immediate needs as opposed to the most important ones?
Should our focus be on self or others?


  1. A Humbling Prayer /God’s Great Promises (1 Chronicles 17: 16-19)
  2. David came humbly before the Lord.
  3. David acknowledged that what human consider big are small in God’s eyes.
  4. Servants of god are somebody in God’s eyes.
  5. God knows His servants.
  6. God does wonderful things for us.
  7. Who Is Like The Lord/An Acknowledging Prayer (1 Chronicles 17: 20-24)
  8. No one is a match for God…no other God before Him.
  9. God considers His people worthy.
  10. We belong to God forever.
  11. The promise of God will be established.
  12. God’s name will be magnified.
  13. Bless This House/A Worshipping Prayer (1 Chronicles 17: 25-27)
  14. We worship God because He is.
  15. Worship God because He keeps His promises.
  16. The Lord should be blessed forever.

Approach God in faith and your prayers will be answered.  Unselfish prayers are based n powerful promises of God.

Planting the Seed

How did David approach God?
What did God acknowledge about David?
What does man consider great?
Does God consider the same thing great as humans?
When God is speaking, how does that honor us?
How does God relate to a servant?
In what sense is our God great?
Who is a match or greater than God?
How are God’s people one nation?
What does God make His people that will last forever?
What does it means to be “established” by God forever?
How do we find courage to do God’s will?
What things has God promised us?
How long can we expect the blessings of God to last?

Fruit from the Seed

The blessings of God come as a result of His promises.
God may reject our plans.
Trust God to know what is best.
Prayer consists of thanksgiving and petition.
We humans are subordinate in the plan of God.
Trust God to keep your family in His will.
At most, we are servants in God’s sight.
Always praise God for what He has done.
David’s kingdom will be established through one of his sons.
God is eager to have a special relationship with us.
We ought to always pray without ceasing.

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