Prayer Time


Good morning my Love! It’s an awesome day in You and we rejoice and are glad in it! It’s one where You blow our mind with revelations and the manifestations of Your promises! It’s one where we walk freely in You no longer bound by our past, but walking confidently into our future! I thank You on this very day for a renewed mind, clean heart and righteous spirit within! That even as the enemy’s plans to try to wreck our day, his plans are null and void as all things are used for our good! My God! Won’t You do it! May the very favor of You be evident in our lives! May our walk be in accordance with Your word! May our light shine ever so brightly as You draw men unto us that we may testify of Your goodness! Oh glory to Your name! Father God I’m so excited about this here journey called life! That even in the midst of the valley our minds tell us that You are preparing us for the greater! That at the mountaintop, the view and rewards make us appreciate the valley experience! My God! I’m declaring this day that we are going to ride this here wave on to Glory! We shall receive that which is for us! We shall go forth fulfilling our purpose! We thank You for the reminder of greater are You that’s within us than he that roams this earth! That no weapon formed against us shall prosper! That if You be for us, who in their right mind can be against us! Yes Lord! Yes! We go forward in that! With You, Jesus and the Holy Ghost we have the majority on our side! What a TEAM! We go forward with great expectations to see You this day forward in ways we’ve never experienced before and in ways we will never forget! We love and adore You! And thank You for cloaking us in peace, love and joy this here day! Yes! In the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus we do declare and decree to be! And so it is! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen again!

Offered by Shavetta

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