Study Date: 8 Dec. 19         

Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16: 8-12, 19-27

MEMORY VERSE:  “Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.” 

1 Chronicles 16: 8

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  Turbulent conditions result in discouragement.  God wants us to remember the good things and praise Him with all that we have.


1 Chronicles 22: 6-13; 1 Chronicles 28: 2-10; 1 Chronicles 21: 28-22:1;  2 Samuel 7: 1-11, 1 chronicles 17: 7-10; Psalm 138.


  • To analysis David’s singing when the ark was brought forward.
  • To rejoice in the wonderful things of God.
  • To express our thanks for God’s greatness and provision.


Earth—the land, a region, piece of land.
Nation—various people.
Rejoice—being glad, festival celebration.
Seek—look for, resort to find.
Sing—make melody.
Talk—muse, complain. Tell, communicate.
Wonders—signs, portents

Breaking Up Fallow Ground

Discuss some of the nice things others have done for you.
Is it natural for people to be nice?
What response should we have when something nice is done for us.
How important is gratitude?
What value is there in pouting?
What benefits can we expect when we are grateful?
Which persons have no need to be grateful?


 1 CHRONICLES 16: 8-12. 19-27.

  1. What God is Worth/A Grateful Passion (1 Chronicles 16: 8-11)
  2. With praise, we tell of the good deeds of God.
  3. We sing to show the blessings that come from God.
  4. We give to demonstrate the goodness of God.
  5. God wants us to seek His face, to please God continually.
  6. What God Has Done/The Great Protector (1 Chronicles 16:12, 19-21)
  7. Remember what Marvelous things God has done.
  8. God works on behalf of whosoever will.
  9. God works even when there are few of us committed.
  10. God’s anointed are not to be interfered with.
  11. What God Desires/Worth of Praise (1 Chronicles 16: 22-24)
  12. Believers should sing to the Lord on going.
  13. God wants us to declare His glory among all people.
  14. There is always something great to celebrate.
  15. What God Deserves/The Least We Can Do. (1 Chronicles 16: 25-27)
  16. God is worthy of all praise.
  17. The True and Living God overcomes the idol gods.
  18. God offers to us His best.

We would do well to honor God as David did by dedicating our time, talents and tithes to Him and His cause.  Then our own gratitude should be evident.


How do believers show gratitude to God?
Is gratitude for our benefit?
Is singing and talking meaningful to God?
What should be the status of the heart that seeks God?
How often should the strength of the Lord be sought?
What things should we remember about God?
How many people are required to do the Lord’s work?
Where are the people of God from?
Who is allowed to oppress those who are on the Lord’s side?
How should we related to God’s anointed?
Who should sing and how often?
How can our testimony affect those not saved?
How does the true and living God relate to other gods?
What are some of the characteristics of God?


Reflect on the goodness of God.
Think of ways to show gratitude to God.
Worship and give the glory to God.
Always keep Godly things in remembrance.
Do all you can to do the work assigned by God.
Witness to those who do not know God.
God stands ready to anoint those who will be.
Sing and testify of the goodness of God.
True testimony makes a difference for the unsaved and the saved.
Idol gods have no place in our lives.
Establish a genuine and lasting relationship with God.

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