Study Date: 1 Dec. 19
Scripture: 1 Chronicles 15: 1-3, 14-16, 25-29

Memory Verse: “Thus all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the Lord with shouting, and with sound of the cornet, and with trumpets, and with cymbals, making a noise with psalteries and harps.”

1 Chronicles 13: 28

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Believers should celebrate and worship with music and instruments for what God has done for them.

Resources for the Seed: Deuteronomy 18: 1-5; 1 Chronicles 13: 5-8, 13-14; 1 Chronicles 15: 4-13; 1 Chronicles 16: 1-6; 1 Chronicles 16: 37-43; Romans 12: 1-8.


  • To examine the ceremony for bringing the arm to Jerusalem.
  • To appreciate the diverse responses for authentic worship.
  • To embrace various physical and sensory input as aspects of worship.


Appoint—to set aside, to give an assignement.
Ark—a sacred chest symbolic of God’s presence.
Gathered—assembled, congregated.
Levites—tribe appointed by God as priest
Pitched—set up, stretched, spread
Place—a standing.
Poles—staves, bars of a yoke.
Priests—assigned to do God’s work, to be spiritual leaders, to do altar building.


  • Who made David a king and for what purpose?
  • Suggest some ways David demonstrated his leadership.
  • What about the ark made God upset?
  • Why was the ark a priority for David?
  • What does God expect of His people?
  • What should we do to fulfill the will of God?
  • Who built a permanent place to worship God?


1 Chron. 13: 1-3, 14-16, 25-29

A. The Priority of Worship (1 Chronicles 15: 1-2)

  • Although a warrior, David established a place of worship.
  • David prepared a place for Holy Things Temporarily.
  • David gave instruction about handling that which was Godly.
  • David told the reasons why only the Levites were to handle the ark.

B. The Preparation for Worship (1 Chronicles 15: 3, 14-16)

  • All the people were gathered for worship.
  • The place of worship was a prepared place.
  • Those leading worship must be prepared.
  • Do what you have been assigned to do.

C. The Price of Worship (1 Chronicles 15: 25-26)

  • David accompanied those who went to bring the ark.
  • The Levites and David offered a sacrifice and brought up the ark.
  • They sang, danced, and played as they came with the ark.

D. The Perspectives of Worship (1 Chronicles 15: 27-29)

  • The procession was for celebrating.
  • They came singing and playing instruments with the ark.
  • David’s wife looked out the window and saw him dancing and playing.
  • We must all assess how we honor and worship God. Pause, pray, and worship God at a special set-aside place.


  • What was David doing in the city of David?
  • What did David do for the Lord?
  • Was the place provided for God a permanent place?
  • What did God choose the Levites to do?
  • What did David do about the people?
  • How did the priests and Levites prepare themselves?
  • How was the ark of God carried by the Levites?
  • To whom did David give orders?
  • How were the Levites and the people to celebrate?
  • What instruments were the Levites to use?
  • Who went to bring the ark?
  • How was David dressed for the occasion?
  • What was the reaction of those carrying the ark?
  • Who observed the actions of David?


  • God wants a prepared people for a prepared place. (John 14: 1-10)
  • Believers cannot honor God in just any kind of way.
  • Each of us has specific tasks to carry out.
  • All the people should worship.
  • Make your preparation now while there is time.
  • God has one He left to guide and give directions.
  • God is ok with using instruments to worship.
  • Always do what God has asked you to do.
  • There is nothing wrong with special Sunday dress.
  • Witnesses are watching your behavior.
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