Prayer Time


Most gracious, kind and merciful Father above I give You praise on this day! I thank You for this thing called patience! And for how You use it to have its perfect way with us! Many times we are quick to want to be at the expected end of a thing, but we overlook the significance of the process! We miss the You and Your glory in it! I’ll admit that the process doesn’t always feel so good! In fact, the circumstance itself is often quite uncomfortable, painful or even intimidating! We tend to focus on the thing itself, and take our eyes off of You! This day may we be reminded that in the midst of it all, You got us! You know exactly what we need and what will happen for Your glory and our good! It’s in this here time that the pressing into You is the greatest thing that we can do so that the cultivation of that which is within can be fine tuned! It is in this time that we learn Your mind and heart oh God! It’s during this time that we learn true dependence upon You! It’s during this time that character and perseverance is being built! And the very foundation of our relationship is made solid in You! My God! Yes! It’s in this very time where You shine greatly within us so that others can see You! And they are truly drawn to You for they wonder just how Your precious child endured the trial! Sweet Jesus! Yes! Thank You, Sir! My prayer this day is that You help us to take our eyes and mind off of the WHEN we will get through; rather focusing on You and what You are doing as we go through the process–letting patience have her perfect way with us! It’s this here that I do declare and decree to be in the powerful yet precious name of Christ Jesus! And my God, it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!

Offered by Shavetta

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