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Study Date: 23 June 19      

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:   Iron does sharpen iron and where two or three work together, they are stronger than one.

MEMORY VERSE:   “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him.”

Colossians 2: 6

RESOURCES FOR THE SEED:  1 John 5: 6-12; 1 Peter 3: 8-12; Ephesians 2: 11-22; Colossians 1: 15-20; Colossians 1: 24-29; Colossians 2: 16-23.

OBJECTIVES:  To contrast what false teachers taught with what Paul taught.

  •  To be rooted and strengthened by Christ.
  •  To embrace and pass on what Christ taught to keep us strong spiritually.


Epaphras—co-worker of Paul, imprisoned with Paul in Rome.

Faith—trust in God, confidence in Christ, fidelity, faithfulness.

Knowledge—a knowing, what one learns.

Love—benevolence, goodwill, esteem.

Treasures—stores, things of value.

Tychicus—Asian believer, travelled with Paul, sent by Paul to encourage the church at Colossae.

Wisdom—skill with what one knows.


What was Paul’s concern for Colossae and her people?

How were the people at Colossae conducting themselves?

What can believers do to encourage one another?

What is the value of being thankful?

What dangers does listener face from hearing preaching?

What makes a believer complete?

What do believers do that shadow the substance of Christ?


  1. Encouragement, Enlightenment, and Knowledge (Colossian 2: 1-4)
  2. Paul was greatly concerned about the believers in Colossae.
  3. Paul believed the believers should be ‘Knit together in love.”
  4. He wanted them to have the full assurance of understanding.
  5. He wanted them acknowledge the mystery of God.
  6. All the treasures of God are hid in Christ.
  7. Enticing words will not mislead those wisdom in the Word.
  8. Standing Strong on a Firm Foundation (Colossian 2: 5-10)
  9. Paul stands with the Colossians believers in spirit.
  10. He urges the believers to remain faithful to Christ.
  11. Christ roots and builds us up through our faith.
  12. The philosophy of man will cause us to miss the mark.
  13. The fullness of the Godhead is in Christ who heads our lives.
  14. Spiritual Circumcision (Colossians 2: 11-15)
  15. Believers are circumcised spiritually, not physically.
  16. Believers put off the old man and take on the new way of life.
  17. Through baptism, we put off the old and rise to live the new.
  18. Believers die to sin and are made alive to Christ.
  19. The old way is nailed to the cross and the new rises above principalities.
  20. Believers triumph in Christ.

Christ came to seek and to save, to conquer death and the grave, and to give believers victory, power, and authority over all.


What causes believers to have conflicts?

What should be the attitude of one believer toward the conflicts of the other?

Does the believer have to see God to believe in Him?

What part of the body is Christ concerned with saving?

How do other religions differ from Christianity?

What does the true believer have the assurance of?

Where are the reassures of the believer?

What can the believer do to keep from being beguiled or misled?

How can we become spiritually strong?

What is the benefit of accepting Christ as Savior?

What must be done so that one is rooted in Christ?

What things do the evil one try to counterfeit?

How do the traditions of men differ from the handiworks of God?

Where can we find the fullness of the Godhead?

Is circumcision required of all of us?

In what sense are we dead and buried then raised and alive as believers?

What could happen to cause the believer problems spiritually?


What are the sources of spiritual conflict?

What can we do to overcome spiritual conflict?

How can one believer be helpful to another believer?

Does the mystery of the faith involves the Father and the Son?

What should be our reaction to other religions?

Are spiritual believers subject to being misled?

Is it us or God that makes us strong spiritually?

How can we establish our faith?

What are some things to be aware of as believers?

How accurate is it to talk about being buried and raised with Christ?

What is the value of principalities and powers>


The mystery of our faith is hidden in Christ.

Heresy and truth cannot stand together.

Love is what brings believers together.

You will be attacked as a believer with false teachings.

Believers are complete in Christ.

Believers must stay united in faith and the word.

The strength of Christ overrides human laws and regulations.

Baptism is the new circumcision.

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