Bible Study



Study Date: 31 Mar 19       
Scripture: Matthew 4: 12-22

MEMORY VERSE:   “And He saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4: 19)

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  While often settle in our own places, when God calls it is time to leave where we are to follow Him.

Resources for the seed:  

Exodus 18: 1-9; Deuteronomy 8: 1-11; Luke 9: 28-36; Matthew 3: 11-17; Matthew 4: 1-11; Matthew 4: 23-25.

  • Fact:  To learn what difference the call of Jesus made in the lives of His first disciples.
  • Thought:  To reflect on how life would be without a call or the response to it.
  • Application:  To worship God and appreciate His blessings as we follow Him.

Andrew—a fisherman following John changed to following Jesus.

Fisherman—one who caught fish for his livelihood.

Follower—one who became a disciple.

James—son of Zebedee, brother of John

John—younger brother of James

Repent—turn around, changed for the better, change ones mind.

Simon Peter—disciples of Jesus, brother of Andrew.

Zebulun and Naptali—tenth and sixth sons of Jacob.


Who were the people that started the New Testament salvation?

Discuss God’s call of Moses and Jeremiah.

What is required to be given us in order to follow Christ?

Cite a Biblical example of the uncompromising call of Jesus?

How is the call of Jesus similar and dissimilar to daily life?

How quickly did those called by Jesus follow Him?

Since this is the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, what were the disciples called to respond to?

When we start, do we grasp the importance of our journey?


  1.  The Dawning Light In Galilee (Mathew 4: 12-16)
  2. John with his “repent” message was thrown in prison.
  3. Jesus left Galilee with that news.
  4. He came and spent time in Capernaum on the sea coast.
  5. He was fulfilling prophecy.
  6. The people in the land of Zabulon and Nephthalim were in darkness.
  7. Now they saw the light springing up.
  8. The Messiah Founding a Community (Matthew 4: 17)
  9. Jesus started His preaching.
  10. He started with the message of John “Repent.”
  11. Commanding The First to Follow Him (Matthew 18-20)
  12. As he walked by the sea, he saw and called the first two followers in Galilee.
  13. They were fishing brothers.
  14. They were invited to follow Jesus.
  15. Jesus would make them fishers of men.
  16. Calling James and John (Matthew 4: 21-22)
  17. Two other brothers were called.
  18. They promptly left what they were doing and followed Jesus.

James and John risked being dishonored by leaving their father promptly.  We must be willing to forsake all to follow Jesus including family.


Where was John the Baptist and what had happened to him?

How did Jesus respond to what he heard about John?

What is the significance of Nazareth and Capernaum to Jesus?

How did these tow place relate to Zabulon and Nephthalim?

What do we learn about the ministry of Jesus for the Jews and the Gentiles?

Describe what happened to those in darkness when Jesus came?

What was Jesus starting to do?  

What message did He share?

Where was Jesus when He saw the first two disciples?

What were they doing when Jesus called them?

What did He tell them to do?

Did they do what He asked them to do and if so when?

When Jesus went on who did He see and call?

How did they respond to the call of Jesus?


What spiritual change starts with this lesson?

How far along was Jesus in His earthly ministry?

In what place did Jesus find His first disciples?

What were they doing when Jesus saw them?

How was his call like what they were doing?

What did the call of Jesus offer those called?

How does Jesus change His approach to ministry?

What is the importance of gathering disciples to follow Him?

How does the story change from here forward?

What two roles did the disciples play?

What sacrifice did those called have to make?  

How did the call of His disciples affect others not called directly?


Usually, rabbis are sought out not people sought by rabbis.

Relocation can be a powerful act of self-determination.

Jesus called busy men to take charge of His work.

Kingdom of heaven speaks of God.

When called of God, leave the usual and do the unusual.

The call of God might be unexpected, disruptive, and intrusive.

The main message of Jesus is the arrival of the kingdom.

The call to “follow me” is powerful though risky.