Prayer Time

Prayer Time


We reflect upon Your goodness and give You all the praise! This day we give thanks to You just for Who You are, the El Shaddai! Elohim! The Great I AM! We are grateful for What You are to us, our Everything! We honor You for there is none other like You anywhere! Wherever we go, You are there! You are the all-powerful God, nothing is too hard for You! You are the Alpha and the Omega! The Beginning and the End! The First and the Last! You called things to be and it was and continues to be! A mighty stroke of Your hand brings about change in ways that glorifies You! Your perfect plan as written continues to come into fruition! Your words never return to You void! You swear by Your own self for there is none that’s great as You! Father God, gone head with Your bad self! 

You have given us the gift of salvation, setting us free! You’ve purchased us at a price that no man or demon can pay, with the blood and life of Jesus Christ! You’ve loved us before we came to ever be! You’ve given us a peace that no one in this world could ever give us! You’ve placed unspeakable joy in our hearts! May it overflow on this here day! You’ve saved us from hurt, harm and danger time after time! Oh yes You have! For if we only knew the plans that satan had that You cancelled, my God, it would truly mess us up! 

You’ve defeated our foe, and we walk in the very victory of Christ Jesus! We continue to persevere through our trials and tribulations, coming out stronger and better than we were before! Each day our very character is cultivated; the very gifts and talents within defined! You continue to give us the spirit of love, power and a sound mind! Yes! Perfect love casts out all fear! And You are perfected love! 

Father, the higher and deeper we go in You, the harder the enemy comes! But my God, we declare that we are pushing and pressing forward in You! We thank You this day for strength, boldness, courage, confidence, divine protection, wisdom, discernment and the wither-all to continue on this here journey called life! We may be hard pressed, but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed! Hear us oh God! For it is so! 

We will not get weary in well doing for we shall reap an abundant harvest! So we stand tall this day, heads held high, shoulders back as we stand our ground! We watch You be just Who You are, the Almighty God as You slay the enemy yet one more time! We stand still cheering as Your angels decimate his army! And we praise Your most holy name as we see the glory of You all around us! Yes this here we declare and decree to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And my God we believe that it is so! And so it is! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!

Offered by Shavettta

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