Study Date: 17 Feb 19
Scripture: Psalm 66: 1-9; 16-20

KEY VERSE:   “Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands.”  

Psalm 66: 1

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  All the mighty works of God are worthy of praise especially His Savior.


Psalm 56: 1-8; Luke 18: 9-14; 1 Peter 1: 3-7; James 5: 7-12; Joshua 4: 19-24; Psalm 66: 10-15.

  •  To identify the mighty works of God for which we should praise Him.
  • To contemplate the works or God’s creation and redemption
  • To serve God and rejoice in the privilege of His power.

Come—to walk, to go, to move about ordinarily.

Earth—land, the place where human dwell.

Forever—everlasting, time more than we can measure.

Make—to put, to place, to set.

Song—words strung together and shared with harmony.

Works—the deeds done, things performed.


Who should give praise to God?

For what should God be given praise?

When does the works of God become old-fashioned?

What changes have occurred in God?

How should our praise of God be expressed?

What are some of the reason that humans are to praise God?

Other than human who or what should sing unto God?

Psalm 66: 1-9; 16-20
  1. The Unrestrained Praise To God (66: 1-3)
  2. The praise we give to God should be joyful. 
  3. Everybody ought to give praise to God
  4. Singing is one form of glorious praise.
  5. Our praise should admit the matchlessness of God.
  6. Even the enemies will submit to praise God.
  7. The Evidence of God’s Greatness (66: 4-7)
  8. All the earth is to worship God.
  9. Our singing should be of His matchless name.
  10. Praise God because He can do everything and anything.
  11. God sees and knows everything.
  12. The Responses to God’s Glory (66: 8-9, 16-17)
  13. Our praise should be a blessing to the people with joyful voices.
  14. God does everything including keeping us.
  15. We are to hear of the wonders of god and declare His glory.
  16. God gave us instruments to praise Him.
  17. The Grace and Mercy of God (66: 18-20)
  18. Sin will always hinder praise to God.
  19. God will not hear us with sin in our hearts.
  20. Forgiven, God will hear us when we praise and pray.

Only a fool will look at all that God has done and say that He does not exist.  Acknowledge God and praise Him for His wonderful works.


How should our praise be rendered unto God?

What should the name of God have to do with our praise?

What works has God done that we should praise Him for?

How were the works of God made possible?

What would be cause enough for all the earth worship God?

Who should hear the praise of God’s people?

What good things have God done for his people?

What happens to the soul, the mouth, and the tongue because of God?

Name that which will cause God not to hear our cries.

What is the condition of the Psalmist before God?

What does God do for those whose prayers are not turned away?


What has God does for you?

What is your proper response to what God has done?

Are you aware of the good and mighty works of God?

How do you express your appreciation to God?

Can you say that your body is totally involved in praise to God?

Since god has done great things for us, what can we do for God?

How ought we present ourselves to God?

What condition must we present our prayers to God?


We must always be aware of our condition before God.

When God helps you out of danger, be grateful.

God is more powerful than our enemies.

God rules forever.

The activities of God are awesome.

God will act when we take one step across the waters.

Even in our bondage, God is the one who rescues us.

The troubles we go through are God’s way of refining us.

We must keep our commitments even in times of trouble.

Praise is the result and outcome of the works of God on our behalf.

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