Study Date: 13 Jan 19
Scripture: JAMES 4: 1-10
Biblical Date: A.D. 45-50

KEY VERSE:      “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.  Cleanse your hands, ye sinners:  and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” (James 4: 8)  (See Psalm 24)

Guiding Principle:   Loving and obeying God is the way to break the cycle of destructive thoughts and behavior.


Matthew 23: 1-11; 1 Corinthians 12: 19-26; Matthew 5: 21-26; Psalm 42; Romans 6: 1-14; James 4: 13-17.

  • To understand the sources of conflict and the prescription
  • To repent of attitudes and behaviors that keep us mired inconflict and disputes.
  • To draw near to God in humble submission.

Covet—to be jealous, to want eagerly, to desire.

Envy—to be grudge, to spite, to long for.

Friendship—to have affection toward, to be fond of, to love.

Members—limbs , attached to.

Quarrel—to make war, to contend with, to fight, to battle.

Receive—to take, to get.


Who wrote the book of James?

To whom would this book have been written?
Why do you think this book might have been written?

What ought to be the relationship between wealth and faith?

What does the phrase “twelve tribes” suggest?

What is the role of a pastor?

  1. The Source of Conflict (James 4: 1-3)
  2. Wars and fighting come from the lust of our hearts.
  3. Want lust and kill and do not get anything in return.
  4. Asking with purpose is the way to get.
  5. Asking for personal lust fulfillment does not pay. 
  6. The Enemy of God (James 4: 4-6)
  7. Being friends with the world is to be enemy with God.
  8. Our personal lusts are common within us.
  9. God provides grace for those who humble themselves.
  10. The Meaningful Approach to God (James 4: 7-10)
  11. Submit to God and resist the devil.
  12. Get near to God and God will get near to you.
  13. Double minded persons are not clean before God.
  14. What we ought to be becomes the opposite of what God wants.
  15. Humility is the secret of being lifted up by God.

There is a time for everything in life.  Times of conflict give opportunity to show spiritual maturity.  We get closer to god when we give up our selfish behavior and submit .


Where does fighting and wars come from?

What is the bed of our lust?

What are some of the things we lust for?

Why are the things we ask for not always granted?

What should our friendship be directed toward?

What is the connection between lust and envy according to the Scripture?

What is God’s desire for us?

How should believers carry themselves and behave related to God and the devil?

What can we expect when we draw near to God?

What will happen spiritually when we humble ourselves?   


How is the book of James and the book of Proverbs alike?

How is our spiritual battle internal?

Where in The Biblecan you find the quotation in James 4: 5?

Where else can we find instructions about resisting the devil?

What does James tell us about loving the world and loving God?

What are some of the worldly things believers fight each other about?

Is it important that we pray for the right things and at the right time?

What negative affects sometime accompany pleasures?

What will free believers from disobeying God?

How does obeying God and drawing near to God compare to each other?


Our lusts are the causes of fighting and wars.

Lust will not always bring fulfillment.

Ask for what you need with Godly purpose.

When you befriend the world you become enemy to God.

Much of what is essential in Scripture can be found more than once.

God is the one who makes us more like Him.

By submitting to God, we resist the devil.

The devil flees when we resist him.

By drawing near to God we are made clean.

Humility in the sight of God cause Him to lift us up.

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