Prayer Time

“Good Morning, Father”

Daily Prayer

Beloved Father above, we give thanks this day for life, liberty and love found in You! It is absolutely wonderful and magnificent to Your chosen one! To know that the God of all Who IS, WAS and forever WILL BE created us for Your pleasure and delight! Fearfully and wonderfully made, yes, that’s us! From the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet, we are truly blessed! Prosperity is upon us! In fact, it becomes us! Peace, love and joy is ours for the taking! Oh glory to God! How amazing is it to be gifted with such talents, gifts and skills to bring glory and honor to Your most holy name! You have loved us with a love that transcends all time! You lovingly crafted us in our mother’s womb with a pinch of this and a whole lot of that to make us into who we are! And You still cultivate that which is within as we walk out our destiny! You gave a life most precious to You for a sinful one such as ours so that we can have everlasting life! That’s love! It knows no boundaries or depths, but is all consuming! This day, may it overtake us! I pray that we come to know Your love in such a mighty way that it transcends beyond the mind, fills into the deepest recesses of the heart, and goes to the depth of the soul, and then some! Yes! There is no greater love than this! 

We give thanks this day for the plan that continues to unfold to bring is into the greatness designed by You specifically for us! We Know that nothing is impossible for the God of ALL possibilities! That whatever is asked according to Your most perfect will is already done! This day, show us the very evidence of our faith! Move in ways, oh God, that blows our minds! And may it bless us to the depth of our soul! Yes and amen! Yes! We walk in the victory of Christ Jesus with a smile on our face, joy in our heart, and basking in the knowledge just of who and Whose we are! Yes, this here we do pray, decree and believe to be in the mighty, marvelous and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen!

offered by Shavetta

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