Study Date: 9 Dec. 18
Scripture: Joshua 24: 1-3, 13-15, 21-24           
Biblica Date: 1406-1375 B. C.

KEY VERSE:   “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve:  whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land ye dwell:  but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24: 15)

Guiding principle:  All of us have to make life-changing decisions.  The most import of those is whether to serve idols or to serve the true and living Lord Our God.


Exodus 20: 1-17; Joshua 23: 2-6; 14-16; Joshua 24: 4-12; Joshua 24: 16-21; Joshua 24: 25-28.

  • To understand the challenge to serve God or idols.
  • To repent of times when God has not been our highest priority.
  • To turn away from idols and serve God wholeheartedly.

Choose—select, make a decision, choose.

Father—head of the family. Male leader in family.

Joshua—one of 12 spies, assistant to Moses, one of two with a good report.


Land—earth, place.

Serve—to work, to help.

Took—take in hand, takened.


What are the things you know we do not make choice of?

How much time passes before we will forget important things?

What covenants have your renewed and why?

How important are the Biblical names?

How did Joshua become the leader of the people of God?

What land would the children of Israel possess under Joshua?

Are there consequences to the choices we make?

THE SEED        CHOOSE TO LOVE AND SERVE GOD              Joshua 24: 1-3; 13-15; 21-24
  1. Gathering the people of God (Joshua 24: 1-3)
  2. The leaders and the followers came together to hear from God.
  3. Joshua Spoke to the people on behalf of God.
  4. God gave the people a history lesson about how they got where they are.
  5. Making the Choice at the Right Time (Joshua 24: 13-15)
  6. God reminded the people of His blessings/gifts to them.
  7. The people were called upon to respond by serve the Lord.
  8. Still it was up to them to make the proper choice as they saw fit.
  9. They had three options to choose from to serve?
  10. What To Render Unto The Lord (Joshua 24: 21-22)
  11. The people made a choice.
  12. They decided to serve the Lord.
  13. They were to live up to and keep their commitments with penalties for not.
  14. Obeying God Without a Doubt (Joshua 24: 23-24)
  15. They were to put away all other gods.
  16. They were to give themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord.
  17. Serve God and obey His voice.

Life is filled with challenges and choices.  Public commitments are witnessed to by the maker and others.  Our commitment to serve God ought to grow stronger.


Where were the people of God under Joshua?

What did the Lord require Joshua to do first?

Which people did Joshua have responsibility for?

Who did God use as His spokesman?

What did God expect His people to remember?

What special things did God do for His people that showed His grace?

What were the people to do in response to God’s gifts?

What important choice were the people to make”

How did their choice relate to that of Joshua?

Identify the three options the Children of God had to choose from.

Did the people make a good choice?

What effect did their choice make on the other options?

When we make choices, how are we expected to follow up?


What happens when people do their own thing?

If God can do everything, why does He require us to do something?

Are the people responsible to their leader?

Is God speaking to His people directly today?

How important is it that we hold on to certain memories?

What should we do in response to gifts we get from God?

Are we making the right choices for the right reason?

For spiritual well-being, what does God expect of us?


The people and the leaders of God ought to be on one accord.

God has delivered us from bondage and we must be grateful.

With God help, we win one victory after another.

The leader must make clear choices about whom he is committed to.

All the people of God must make their own choices.

Make the right choice and live with your decision.

All of us ought to choose to worship and obey God.

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