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25 Nov. 18
GENESIS 30: 22-32, 43

KEY VERSE:   “And God remembered Rachael, and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.” (Genesis 30: 22)


Our effort to accomplish something is often blocked by obstacles. God intervenes to help us overcome and escape the wrath of selfish and deceptive ways.


Genesis 29: 15-35; Psalm 20; Genesis 31: 1-9; Genesis 31: 43-50; Genesis 30: 22-24; 35: 16-21.


To see how God provided for Jacob and his family.

To identify with the relationship between Jacob and his father-in-law.

To pray for God to intervene in our times of crises.


Add—to increase, do again.

Bare—to give birth, travail, beget, bring forth.

Favour—grace, to get preference, to be well-treated.

Joseph—11thson of Jacob and born to a formerly barren woman, result of God’s compassion.

Opened, be let loose, thrown open.

Rachael—Labans’s younger daughter, wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

Remembered—recalled, to mind.

Served—attended to, worked.


What did God promise to always provide for His children?

Why are some people poor and in need of the basics?

What must we do to insure that all our needs are met?

How are Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachael similar?

What behaviors did Laban practice that Jacob also practiced?

Did Jacob fulfill his obligations to Laban?

THE SEED        GOD BLESSES JACOB AND RACHAEL/MORE THAN ENOUGH           Genesis 30: 22-32, 43
  1. Removing Reproach is a blessing from the Lord (30: 22-24).
  2. God heard and remembered Rachael by enabling her to conceive.
  3. Rachael gave birth to a son saying, “God had taken away my disgrace.”
  4. Rachael named her son Joseph and asked for another son.
  5. Believers can anticipate the faithfulness of God (30: 25-26).
  6. Jacob made a request of Laban to be sent away.
  7. He wanted to take his wives and children and what he was entitled to.
  8. He had worked for what he was asking.
  9. God wants us to put His abundant blessings to use (30: 27-32).
  10. Laban asked Jacob to stay because he recognized his blessing came through Jacob.
  11. Jacob could name his wages if he stayed.
  12. Jacob reminded Laban how his cattle had multiplied under him.
  13. Jacob did not what anything belonging to Laban, only what he was entitled to.
  14. Jacob asked to remove certain animals as his own to take with him.
  15. Those who trust in God will receive His blessings (30: 43).
  16. He became very prosperous.
  17. The animals reproduced into large flocks.

God blessed Laban through Jacob and Jacob had much to rejoice about.


What was God’s first major blessing given to Rachael?

What name was given to her son and what did it signify?
What other gift did Rachael ask God for?

What made Rachael believer God would provide another gift to her?

Was the blessing to Rachael of human or divine origin?

Was Rachael blessed because of her bargaining, striving, or faith?

What did Jacob anticipate when he realized the blessings of God?

Would you say Jacob was slave or indentured servant to Laban?

What was Jacob entitled to leave with?

What was the consequence of Jacob’s deceitfulness?

What caused Jacob to decide to stay with Laban?

What did Laban and Jacob expect God to do when Jacob stayed?

What wages did Laban promise Jacob?

What allowed Jacob to outwit Laban?

What did God ultimately do for Jacob?


What can we do to encourage God to bless us?

If God blesses us one, what can we expect another time?

On what basis will God keep blessing us when all our needs are met?

Are our blessings dependent upon us or God?

When God blesses us with much, what is our proper response?

Which of the two men were able to outwit the other?

How did God deal with the trickery of Laban and Jacob?


Trust God when things are well or not so well.

Ask God and He will supply your every need.

God will bless us more than we can anticipate or need.

The hand of God has God’s children in their care at all times.

God will bless others through His children.

Being childless for a long time does not mean God cannot change that.

No matter what we start with, God can make more of it.

We can find ways of working together for the cause of God.






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