Prayer Time

Prayer Time

Most gracious and merciful Father above, we give all manner of thanks, glory, honor and praise to Your most holy name! We thank You for this thing called life and one of abundance! We thank You for the breath of life! We thank You for the beating of our hearts and may it be on one accord with You oh Lord! Thank You this day for tender mercy and sweet grace! Thank You for the goodness that follows us all the days of our lives! Yes Lord, thank You!

On this day we come before You with thanksgiving in our hearts and praise upon our lips for who You are and all that You’ve done, to include that which we have yet to see! We thank You for the plans specifically for us! We thank You that our future is greater than our past and present! Yes Lord! Thank You that the current is only a moment in time that will catapult us into our destiny! Yes! The higher heights and deeper depths that only exists in You! We thank You that our future is bright! We are filled with hope and optimism for what You will do! My God, yes! Our eyes have not seen, ears heard or our minds conceived what You have in store for us! It’s the exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ever imagine that we praise You for, yes, great expectations! And it’s in every area of our lives: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially! Oh won’t You do it!

So we refuse to walk around here with heads hung low! We refuse to believe the report that’s anything other than what You’ve decreed! We refuse to give up hope, but we believe beyond belief that our circumstances will work out for the good for we love You! We believe You for the miracle! We believe You for the healing! We believe You for the provision! We believe You for the good report! We believe You for that position! We believe You for the unprecedented favor that’s upon our lives, oh God! We believe in You, oh God, and it’s in You that we put all of our hope, belief and trust! You are our Everything and without You, we would cease to be! So this night we pray this to the very Heart of Heaven, believing and decreeing that it is so in the precious and powerful name of Your Son, Jesus Christ! Therefore it is! Amen! Amen! Hallelujah! And amen again!

Offered by Shavetta

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