Study Date: 11 Nov 18
Scripture: GENESIS 27: 5-10, 18-19, 21-29

KEY VERSE:  And he discerned him not; because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau’s hands; so he blessed him.” (Genesis 27: 23)


Deception may get things for us, but it also disrupts our families and community.  God works through these situations to accomplish His purpose of redemption.


Psalm 24: 1-6; 1 Peter 2: 18-25; Genesis 27: 1-17. Genesis 27: 30-40; Genesis 27: 46-28: 5.

  • To identity how deception was used by Isaac and Rebekah.
  •  To repent of times when we have used deception to the harm of others.
  • To commit to be honest in our expression of desires for ourselves and others.

Bless—invoking and granting praise, granting goodness and favor.

Bring—enter, to go in, to come in.

Father—male parent .

Firstborn—oldest offspring.

Heard—listen to, obey, hear, overhear.

Raiment—clothing, apparel, garment.

Venison—stag, heart, deer, game.


What makes the members of the family work together for the same goals?

Are there some things parents do that hinder their children?

Were the parents of Esau and Jacob good parents?

What can we learn to expect of Isaacs family from his parents?

What two major events led to this saga for Jacob?

What might we learn from the birthing of Jacob?

What does the trickery of Jacob suggest about family dynamics?

GENESIS 27: 5-10, 18-19, 21-29
  1. Cunning Deception to steal another’s Blessing (Genesis 27: 5-10)
  2. When Isaac talked to his favorite son, his wife overheard.
  3. Esau sought to fulfill his fathers’ desire.
  4. Isaac’s wife schemed to interrupt the plan.
  5. She would help her favorite son trick his own father, her husband.
  6. She called on her son to be obedient to her.
  7. Deliberately Seeking to Harm One Another in Family (Genesis 27: 18-19)
  8. When Isaac called Esau, Jacob responded.
  9. Jacob pretended to be who he was not.
  10. Jacob knew how to get his father’s cooperation.
  11. Preying Upon a Suspicious Father (Genesis 27: 21-26)
  12. Isaac was suspicion of the one talking and offering venison.
  13. He thought Jacob was not Esau.
  14. The physical features and voice gave him away.
  15. The kiss of Jacob sealed the deal of deception like Judas kissing Jesus in betrayal.
  16. Receiving Blessings Under False Pretense (Genesis 27: 27-29)
  17. The smell of Jacob’s clothes said he was Esau.
  18. Isaac gave Jacob what belonged to Esau including the brother as servant.
  19. The blessings were gotten under false pretense.

Man’s way of doing things is not always the way God would act.  God will raise up His people regardless of who He has to use.


How did Rebekah know what Isaac had in mind?

What did Rebekah do what the information she overheard?

What role did favoritism of Isaac and Rebekah play?

What is the role of outward appearances in God’s plan?

What might be the best way to handle suspicion?

When is a kiss not an act of intimacy?

What should believers be intentional about?

How should parents insure they are on one accord?

What is the effect of one lie?

Why did Jacob not retrieve the blessing intended from Esau and give it to Jacob?


What do you think about those who overhear another’s conversation and act on what they overhear?

Should parents have favorite children?  Why or why not?

Who is the guilty one when parents scheme with their children?

Why can’t we always tell the real person by outward appearance?

When you are suspicious, what might be a proper way to act?

Why should one be cautious about kissing?

What happens when we are intentional about what we are doing?

Does the person who is deceptive also bear false witness?

What should we do with the things get by deception?


Do not make it a habit of listening and acting on what others say.

Parents would do well not to have favorite children.

Schemes may get gain, but will come at a high cost.

Parents should lead their children in the right direction.

Walk carefully when you are suspicious.

Do the right thing with the best of intentions.

Outward appearances do not always tell the full and true story.

Use what you gain for the glory of God.