Study Date: 4 Nov 18 
Scripture: GENESIS 25: 19-34

KEY VERSE:   “And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.” (Genesis 25: 23)

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  Human conflict and struggle disrupt our lives.  Despite our human limitations, God is present to govern our lives as He did Esau and Jacob.


Genesis 26: 6-22; Genesis 33: 4-11; Hebrews 12: 14-17; Hosea 12: 2-6; Genesis 26: 28-33; Genesis 21: -13, 25: 17-18.

  • To see how children are affected by the circumstances of their birth.
  • To know that Esau was impulsive and Jacob was cunning.
  • To see how we long for selfish motives.
  • To know the ambitions that must be controlled.
  • To forgive those even family members who take advantage of us.
  • To see how the conflict between children must be managed.

Barren—sterile, not able to have children, childless.

Children—off springs, babies, those born to parents.

Enquire—to seek, to resort to, to enquire  about, to require.

Esau—elder son of Rebekah and Isaac, ancestor of the Edomites.

Intreated— have prayer, supplicate, desire earnestly.

Jacob—younger son of Isaac and Rebekah, ancestor of the Israelites.

Separated—divided, delivered, made to stand apart from.

Stronger—alert, courageous, brave, stout, bold, solid, hard.


How is this portion of Genesis different from the previous?

Who was the main character in the earlier part of Genesis?

What should we remember about the story of Abraham?

Are the twins born in this chapter related to Abraham?

Contrast between Abraham and Jacob.

Who were the first people to develop a family for God?

What made the twins struggle in their birth process?

What are some problems and possibilities between God and His creation?

  1. The Promises of a Sovereign God (Gen. 25: 19-20)
  2. Abraham had a son named Isaac.
  3. When Isaac was 40 years old he married Rebekah.
  4. The promise to Abraham was given to Isaac by God’s creative act.
  5. Devine intervention is necessary to produce the blessings of God.
  6. A Barren Wife Trust the Sovereign to make Choices (Genesis 25: 21-23)
  7. Isaac prayed for his barren wife to be blessed.
  8. God heard his prayer and answered with conception.
  9. When the twins were conceived, they struggled
  10. The twins represented two nations and two manner of people.
  11. One would be stronger and the elder would serve.
  12. The Naming Of Twins and The Sale of the Birthright (Genesis 25: 24-34)
  13. The twins were born struggling.
  14. They were very difference in appearance and action.
  15. Isaac was 60 years old.
  16. Esau was a cunning hunter who sold his birth right.
  17. Jacob was plain but purchased the birthright for bread and lentiles.

All of us have some good and some bad in us.  The behavior of us can affect us including that of parents.  Have you learned how to forgive and hold others accountable at the same time?


Whose generation are the characters in this text part of?

What age was Isaac when he was married?

Who was the bride of Isaac?

What was Rebekah’s potential for giving birth?

What special thing did God do for Isaac and Rebekah?

How did the conception and birth of the children happen?

What larger issue was signal by the twins’ behavior?

How was the delivery process an indication of later behavior?

Describe how the twins were different from each other.

Who helped Esau to sell his birthright?

What was the reason for selling his birthright?

Discuss the difference between the immediate and the long term blessings?


Do you think Esau took his birthright seriously?

What was the role of prayer in this family practice?

What can God do about our physical limitations?

Was good aware of the ends of both Esau and Jacob?

Where the word Edom come from and how is it related to Esau?

Who are other examples of sibling rivalry in the book of Genesis?

Was Esau more wrong in his action than Jacob?

How were the parents patterns for the sons?


Let God have His way in your life when the time is right.

Be careful how you handle what you inherit.

Learn the promises of God and pursue them.

Ask God to provide you with the right spouse.

Pray for your spouse.

Expect God to give you great things and to fulfill His promise.

God speaks to us in ways that are not always visible.

God knows what will happen to our offsprings before they are born.

Favoritism produces more problem than we can imagine.

God will always fulfill His promises when the time is right.

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