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21 Oct 18       
Genesis 18: 9-15; 21: 1-7

KEY VERSE:  “And the Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did unto Sarah as he had spoken.” (Genesis 21: 1)

Guiding Principle:  God’s promises are sure and what He said He will do will be performed regardless of human circumstances.  His word is trustworthy!

  • To comprehend the grace and power of God.
  • To appreciate patience when God is working out His plan on His timetable.
  • To pray for faith to await the promise of God’s blessings.
Resources for the seed: 

Psalm 105: 1-11; Genesis 6: 7-16; Galatians 3: 6-14; Genesis 15: 1-6; Genesis 17: 15-22; Genesis 18: 1-8.


Bear—to bring forth, to travail, to beget.

Heard—listen to, obey, to hear.

Isaac—-son of Abraham, only patriarch not to undergo a name.

Laugh—mock, play.

Old—ancient, elder.

Sarah—Abraham’s wife whose womb was dry, mother of Isaac.

Visited—-mustered, numbered, punished, attended to.

Wife—-female, woman married.


Talk about the great faith that God gave to Abraham and Sarah.

What did the servants of god base their faith in God on?

Were these servants of God ever doubtful?

What happened to the barrenness of Sarah?

How did Sarah react to the initial promise of God?

Is it always easy to obey the words that come from God?

Are the main characters of this text models of faith or of disbelief.

THE SEED        ABRAHAM AND SARAH BIRTH GOD’S PEOPLE          Genesis 18: 9-15; 21: 1-7

  1. God’s Incredible Promise (Genesis 18: 9-12)
  2. Visitors came to Abraham and questioned him about his wife.
  3. Abraham responded that his wife was in the tent.
  4. The purpose of the visit was to announce God’s timing.
  5. Because both Abraham and Sarah were stricken in age, Sarah laughed at the promise of a son.
  6. The Laughter of Unbelief from Sarah (Genesis 18: 13-15)
  7. Sarah laughter was one of doubt.
  8. She reminded the visitor that her time had come and gone.
  9. When asked why she laughed, Sarah denied laughing.
  10. The visitor knew the real story and told her she did laugh.
  11. The fulfillment and Frustration that Results (Genesis 21: 1-2)
  12. God visited Sarah to make His promise true.
  13. Sarah did conceive in her old age and had a son.
  14. What happened to Sarah was according to God’s time.
  15. The opportunities to be Obedient (Genesis 21: 3-7)
  16. Abraham named their son Isaac as God had said.
  17. They followed the law of God when the son was born including circumcision.
  18. Abraham was 100 years old.
  19. Sarah pointed out her condition and people’s reactions to her giving birth in old age.

We should never doubt the promises to God.  He is always able to deliver just as He promised.  Even what we think impossible is possible with God.


Who was asking about Abraham’s wife?

Who answered that she was in the tent?

Who is going to return to Abraham about his wife?

What does “the time of life” refer to?

What news was brought about Sarah?

At the time the news came, what was the physical condition of Sarah and Abraham?

What caused Sarah to laugh and why would she deny laughing?

Who did the Lord ask about Sarah laughing?

Discuss the key response:  “Is there any thing too hard for the Lord”.

When will the son be born to Sarah?

When was the promise of God fulfilled?

What happened to Sarah?

Who named the son born to Sarah and where did the name come from?

What was the long term effect of Sarah’s laughing?


When God asked where Abraham’s wife was did He already know?

How is it possible for an old person to give birth?

How do we know who the speaker was?

Did the promise of God seem possible to Abraham and Sarah?

Is the reaction of Sarah one that would be expected?

How do we know what Sarah did inside?

Where can we turn when we feel hopeless?

What do we learn from the word “visited” about the Divine?

Why does God intervene in human affairs?

What indicates the power of God in our human situations?


God knows where we are and speaks regardless of our situation.

Whatever we stand in need of God will provide according to His promise.

Human reactions are often contrary to divine actions.

God is able to do as He would even when we are beyond our human capability.

Abraham laughed as did Sarah when he heard the news (Genesis 17: 17).

God is actively engaged in our daily lives.

God intervenes for various purposes and reasons.

A blessing is God creating well-being for his children.

We are blessed with opportunity to being to pass the promise of God.

The sovereign power of God is not limited by our expectations.

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