Lesson Date: 30 Sept 18
Scripture: GENESIS 3: 8-17; 20-24         
Biblical Date: unknown        
Biblical Location: EDEN

KEY VERSE:  “Therefore the Lord, God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.”  (Genesis 3: 23)

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  We know there are rules to live by, yet we disregard them.  Even in His perfect place, we are not willing to trust and obey God.  THUS WE FALL!

RESOURCES FOR THE SEED:  2 Samuel 11: 1-5; Romans 5: 12-19. Matthew 4: 1-11. Mark 9: 42-48; James 1: 12-15; Genesis 3: 1-7.

  • To reflect on the universal nature of human temptation and sin.
  • To regret how our sin brings about fractured relationships with God and man.
  • To mend the relationship that have been broken and damaged by sin.

Afraid—to fear, to revere.

Enmity—hatred, bad feeling toward.

Eve—wife of Adam, living thing, propagation of life.

Presence—face to face, countenance.

Serpent—snake, evil force.

Sorrow—-pain, labour, hardship, toils.

Voice—noise, speaking, sound.


Did God create man with or without sin?

What is the serpent in the book of Genesis?

What does it mean for a person to die?

What was the response of God to sin committed by His people?


  1. Confrontation of Adam and Eve by God (Genesis 3: 8-11)
  2. Adam and Even were accustomed to spending time with God.
  3. When we do not spend time with God, God tries to get our attention.
  4. Man will answer the call of God one way or another.
  5. Blaming Game Played by Those Who Sin (Genesis 3: 12-15)
  6. We are an excuse making people.
  7. We take comfort in passing the blame to another.
  8. Our excuses are never sufficient.
  9. The Punishment for Sin of Man and Woman (Genesis 3: 16-17)
  10. God will hold us accountable for our actions.
  11. Listening to satan and others is not always the best way to go.
  12. God has a plan even for the disobedient.
  13. God Plan of Salvation Beyond the Fall (Genesis 3: 20-24)
  14. Eve was named by Adam to indicate she was mother of all the living.
  15. Clothing was proved by God from animal skin for His creation.
  16. God will cause us to abide by His will.

God knows all about His creation and has a plan to rescue them when they mess up.


In what sense did Adam and Eve hear the voice of God?

Why were the people hiding in the garden of Eden?

What was God’s response to the people hiding?

When God could not find Adam and Eve, what they offer as their excuse?

Did God appreciate their explanation for hiding?

What was the man’s excuse for her nakedness?

What was the woman’s excuse?

Did the serpent face the judgment of God for his role in sin?

What hope did this passage offer sinners?

Why would the giving birth of a child be painful?

How did the punishment of man differ from that of woman and why?

What did the name given to Eve signify?

Who clothed the naked man and woman and with what?

What did God do about the perfect place He had given to Adam and Eve?


What lessons do we learn about satan?

What choices are left for us to make by God?

Why is it important for us to know some of the characteristics of satan?

What is the significance of satan appearing to Eve as a serpent?

In what ways have you and your friends been deceived by satan?

What can believers do to avoid being deceived?

Why do you think the serpent started the deception with Eve and not Adam?

How do we want to make ourselves like God?

What is God’s way of dealing with disobedient children?

How long will the judgment of God upon us last?


When we disobey, we try to keep it to ourselves.

God know all about us and where we are.

When God questions us it is His way of getting us to the right place.

There is no place we can go to hide from God.

God has a plan for us even when we disobey.

The offers of satan are attractive.

Punishment will be serious when we do our own thing.

Sin separates us from God now and for the long haul unless we repent.

We should use the word of God when we are tempted.

True rehabilitation comes through the Gospel.


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