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Study Date: 22 July 18
Scripture: Luke 13: 22-30
Biblical Date: A. D. 29
Biblical Location: PEREA

KEY VERSE:   “Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.” (Luke 13: 24)

GUIDING PRINCIPLE:  In order to be reward by God, one must simply enter in through the narrow way and bear good fruit.

Resources for the seed:  Matthew 7: 13-14, John 10: 1-10; John 15: 1-11; Matthew 7: 15-23; Matthew 7: 24-29; Mark 10: 28-31.


  • To know what God means by the “narrow gate.”
  • To clearly understand what Jesus taught about entering heaven.
  • To appreciate the difference between human and divine expectations.
  • To realize that our enter into to heaven hinges on acceptance of God’s word.
  • To live, think, and believe so that you enter the kingdom of God.
  • To seek to enter through the narrow door into heaven.


Gnashing of teeth—striking the teeth again one another, biting in anger.

Journeying—traveling or going on a trip.

Saved—rescued, preserved, kept safe.

Strait Gate—way of salvation by the cross, just wide enough for sinner to enter naked and bankrupt..

Workers of Iniquity—unforgiven individuals who sin, wrong doers.


What do we believe about heaven—where is it, who gets in, what is it, how long is it?

What does the Word of God say about heaven?

What has your experiences told you about heaven?

How do your experiences and teachings differ from what The Bible teaches?

What does Proverbs mean by “There is a way the seems right…but the ends are death.”?

THE SEED        ENTERING GOD’S KINGDOM             A.D. 29                        PEREA

  1. An Intriguing Life-Altering Question (Luke 13: 22-24)
  2. Christ went about teaching in the area.
  3. He was on His way to Jerusalem.
  4. One of His followers asked a question about how many would be saved.
  5. Jesus’ answer was that the saved would have to enter by the strait gate.
  6. Many will miss the mark and be left out.
  7. An Insightful Set of Doors (Luke 13: 25-27)
  8. Some will knock on the door to no avail.
  9. Those will talk about what they have done to be saved.
  10. The Lord will say in spite of that I still do not know you.
  11. Despite their good works they have not been forgiven and the door will close them out.
  12. An Incontrovertible Conclusion (Luke 13: 28-30)
  13. Those who do not enter will be shut out and experience punishment.
  14. The condemned will know their fate as well as that of the saved.
  15. People from all areas will be saved.
  16. Things will eventually be the reverse of what we know.

To be saved, we must strive to hear God say “well-done, good and faithful servant.  Enter His Joy.


Can you explain the time of this particular lesson?

What do you think motivated this question about how many would be saved?

Does the word “strive” indicate the work we must do to be saved?

What does Christ mean with His response?

For what reasons will people be accepted in the house?

How does the owner of the house view the people about him?

Summarize what “weeping and gnashing of teeth” means?

Who were the great the patriarch of that area?

What does it mean to say people will come from all directions to be included in the Kingdom?

In what sense are the last first and the first last?


Why did Jesus travel to different cities and villages instead of staying in one place.

Why do some people think the good deeds they do will get them into heaven?

Why did the house master say he did not know some who said they knew him?

What is a worker of iniquity?

What cause someone to be barred from the kingdom of God?

How will God order the relationship with people?


To share the gospel, we often have to leave our comfort zone.

Human concerns are quite different from divine concerns.

Working hard and doing good deeds will not insure entrance to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus is the only way into the Father’s kingdom.

Be careful to follow the commands God teaches in His word.

God is preparing a place for His own in the Kingdom.

Knowing about God or just being acquainted with Him is not enough.

Some of us will be surprised, angry, disappointed about not enter heaven.

What God does is directly the opposite of what we humans do.


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