Father God, thank You for yet another beautiful day in You! One where we see Your glory all around us! One where we walk in the boldness and fullness of You! Where we bask in Your very essence, partaking of the peace and joy found only in You! Yes! It’s a day where we bear witness to the spoken promises that You continue to bring to pass! It’s one where we see the blueprint of victory before us as we walk out this thing called life according to Your most perfect plan!

This day we thank You for the very things that You are doing to, with, and in us! The shaping, pressing, and purging doesn’t always feel good, yet it’s for our good! Thank You for cultivating the gifts within! For stretching us to move us outside of our comfort zone where we can be thoroughly used to edify Your magnificent Kingdom! Who but You can do that oh Lord!

We thank You for the Light that shines within us! For the very fullness of You that becomes us, yes, we walk it out this day and those to come! We thank You this day for the greatness within! We shall do even greater things due to Him that was before us and He that dwells within! Father, Your peace is deeply rooted, and we thank You! We abound in Your love and joy, and we are forever grateful! Our hearts are open to You in a way we’ve never experienced before! And we pray that You do a thing there that will forever change us! It’s in the precious and powerful name of Christ Jesus that we pray, believe and decree this to be! And it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!

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