Prayer Time

Prayer Time

I want to say thank You Lord on this glorious day that You have made and allowed us to see! I thank You for the gift of life, liberty and love through Christ Jesus! I thank You for Your Son who sits at Your right hand interceding for us oh Lord! I thank You that He is ready yet again to take up the charge to finish that which was started! And I am one who looks forward to His triumphant return! Until that fateful day I ask that You be a fence around Your children!

Thank You for the Holy Spirit that dwells within us! Be the Light oh God to our feet! Prepare the path and I thank You for Your angels that have preceded us making it safe! Every pitfall and trap of the enemy is revealed and removed in the mighty name of Jesus!

I ask on this very day that You remind Your beloved child that greater are You that’s within than he that is in this earth! Remind Your child this day that You are still on the throne! That You are the same God yesterday, today and forevermore! On this here day we are reminded that You are the great Creator and none is as powerful as You! You designed all that’s seen and unseen and all power is in Your mighty hands! This day we are reminded that You know the very plans that You have for us! I thank You, Sir, for the expected end that brings forth hope and a great future! May we not be dismayed or fearful to walk in exactly what You have for us!

This day I speak to the unbelief that’s below the surface! This day I declare and decree a mighty and bold move of the Lord that will set Your faith on a solid foundation which is Him oh mighty child of God! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of that which is not seen! My Lord I ask this day that You show Your child the very evidence of a mighty faith! Breakthroughs! Suddenlies! Blessings from all sides! Open doors! A no that is now a yes! My God! Relationships restored! Marriages reconciled! Families united! Joy in profound sorrow! Comfort in ways for those who are grieved in their spirit!

This day my Love, the best thing that You can do for this soul is to show up and out in the lives of Your children! And may all be forever changed! May there be a great exchange of praise and tears of joy for the promises that ring true in the natural on this very day my Lord! Yes, this here day! And it is this here that I do declare and decree to be in that name that’s above all others, Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen!

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