Prayer Time

Prayer Time

Most gracious and merciful Father above, I give You all the thanks, glory, honor and praise this day! Grateful for the love You have for us that’s everlasting to everlasting! Thanking You this day for loving us beyond our faults! For continuing to mold us into that mighty child You’ve predestined us to be! I thank You this here day for the blessings, anointing and favor upon our lives! I thank You oh God that we are better off in Your will than we would be if we followed our own agenda! An attitude of gratitude is what I speak of oh God as we look back and see how far we’ve come in You!

As we reflect upon our journey, we give You all the praise because if it were not for You, where would we be! My, my, my! This day may praises break free from the heart and lips of Your beloveds and may it bring extreme pleasure to Your heart! May we feel You in ways we’ve never felt before! May we see You move in extraordinary ways in our lives! Kiss our hearts, oh God, and overwhelm our senses with Your sweet love! Whisper loving words into our ears that soothes our souls, uplifts our heads, renew our minds and sharpens our sight! Do it oh God! Do it!

I decree this day that we shall see Your goodness all around us! In the big and small! In the positive and in the negative! We shall see You work things together for our good! Yes Lord! According to Your purpose! We dare to believe Your report and nothing else!Your word will remain true when all else fails and fades away! Oh yes and amen! And amen again!

So tonight as we rest in You, reflecting over this day, we will relax knowing that all things are in Your more than capable hands! And just as we believe the best is yet to come, we also walk out the blessings of the here and now! Yes this here I do pray, declare and decree to be in the mighty and marvelous name of Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen again!

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