Father it’s in the name of Your Son that I stand before You this day with praise and thanksgiving for Who You are in the lives of Your beloveds! I come to You asking that You bless Your beloved this day touching from the crown of the head to the very sole of the feet! I’m asking this day for complete healing and divine restoration of the body, mind, heart and soul! I’m asking on this very day for You to heal the broken hearted, oh God! Bring forth wholeness in You! Your child has many needs and being the faithful Father that You are, I have no doubt that You will meet them all…and then some! This day I pray that You speak to the matters of the heart! Lord those things that have been pulling your child down, move on it! The things that have been stressing Your child to no end, take it and turn it around for the good and Your glory! Those things that have consumed the thoughts I ask that You replace with thoughts of You! Those tears that continue to shed because of the worry…the low places…give double in joy for every tear shed! You know the thought with each one! Matters that cannot be expressed or even spoken of, You know because You speak the sign language of the heart! Some has no one to talk to who would even begin to understand , but You do! You created Your child and know the very intricacies better than we do ourselves! This day I speak life, joy and fulfillment over Your child! The garment of praise replaces that of heaviness! Encourage the heart oh God and displace discouragement! Joy is the new strength this day! Put a smile on the heart of Your child oh God that’s reflective on the face! In the midst of the chaos will You get the praise! Peace be still this here day! May Your child stand and see that You alone are God! Remind ole Satan today my Lord that Your beloved is on the winning team! Oh there may have been a set back in the eyes of man, but it’s a divine setup to catapult Your child forward into the destiny ordained before time! My God! I’m bold enough to believe in Your promises which are yes and amen according to Your word that never returns to You void! You are THE ALMIGHTY GOD and absolutely nothing is too hard for You! On this day I declare that Your child will rise up from the bed of infirmity…you know, the one of profound sadness, discouragement and pain that has kept one bound…and walk this day in the new mercies, sufficient grace, unspeakable joy, profound peace and bountiful blessings that rain down from Heaven on this here day! Your angels shall minister, protect, guide and deliver this day! And no heart will ever be the same! Show up and show out…yes, that’s how YOU do it! Yes!!!! This right here I do pray, declaring and decreeing it to be in that name above all others, Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah to the highest! And amen!

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