Prayer Time

Prayer Time

Good morning beloved child of the Most High God! My prayer for you this day is that you experience such intimacy with the Lord as you pray and commune with Him! I pray that you fully believe in the power of prayer! I pray that your prayer life goes to the next level! May you see the manifestation of the things you’ve prayed and asked the Lord for…even if He answered differently! Prayer changes things! It’s the most intimate communication with the Almighty who already knows what you will say and what you stand in the need of! Yes Lord! I thank Him this day for the Holy Spirit who prays when you cannot form a word! I thank the Lord for hearing and answering the prayers of the tears that fall! For hearing and answering the silent prayers of the heart! Yes Lord! I’m grateful for the Son who sits at His right hand interceding on your behalf!

I bind up Satan and his lies this day in the mighty name of Jesus! Beloved, our Father heard you! Delayed doesn’t mean denied! And sometimes the no is that He has something better that is in His will!

So this day I pray that you take the time to go before the throne! Talk to Him about what’s on your heart! My God! And may healing take place! Deliverance! May mountains move! Yes God, yes! May doors open that leads to promotions and elevations that comes from above! And may the Almighty shut and seal those that’s detrimental to your growth! I pray that you experience the exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ever ask or imagine! Nothing is far fetched for the all-powerful God that we serve! And I pray that after your time in His presence, that you have peace and joy like never before! May you believe that He will bring it to pass! And I pray that your life is never the same!

Yes this here I do pray and declare to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen!

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