Prayer Time


Lord God I thank You for yet another day in You! One where You’ve kept this here mind and loved on this here soul! I thank You for the love and power that I walk fully in oh God! I thank You for making my latter days better than my former! I look forward to what’s coming in You! I embrace my past because it helped to shape me! And I endure the now for what it’s teaching and cultivating within! So Lord God I ask that You continue to have Your way! That You continue to tap into the great within me! That You align me with Your will, my thoughts and actions according to Your perfect plan! Oh I pray for a heart that’s encouraged to move forward in You oh God, not dismayed by the things of the world, but may it be so into You! Do the extraordinary, my Love! I am so very grateful that I won’t be the same! Yes it’s in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus that I do pray! Amen! Amen! And amen!

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