Good morning precious child of the Most High God! May the grace of God keep you throughout this day! May His love envelop you as He keeps you in perfect peace! May His joy be your strength! May He renew your mind! May He kiss your heart and touch the very depth of your soul! May He give you knowledge, wisdom and understanding to fulfill your purpose! May the Father continue to be the Light Who illuminates the path before you! May He be your Shield and Buckler! May you find refuge in the Strong-tower! May all that you seek be found in Him! Walk in victory this here day! May He restore everything that was taken and that which was given away! May He give you double for your trouble! May He give an abundance in blessings and joy for every tear shed! Yes, may the Almighty Father do it just for you! May you know that for every valley low, there is a mountain high! Trust Him through the journey! Beloved child of the Almighty God, hold tight to Old Faithful! He will bring you through! Know that the best is yet to come! May His word take root in the depth of your being this day and that is: For i know the plans that I have for you, said the Lord, plans not to harm you, but to plans to prosper you, to give you a future and hope! Mighty child of God, embrace it this day! In the mighty, matchless and marvelous name of Christ Jesus I do pray. Amen! Amen! And amen!

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