Mighty child of the Most High God I declare a mighty word this day and that is that You to see the magnificence of the Almighty in you, through you and around you! I pray that you see yourself as He does, which is fearfully and wonderfully made! You are more than a conqueror! You are more than man says! You mean more to the Father than you’ll ever know! You are full of love, power and operate with a sound mind! You are absolutely priceless! Yes! Bought at a price that no man or demon can afford to pay! 
Beloved, you are worthy for the Father says so! May you see your worth through the eyes of the Almighty God! You are more precious than even the most precious metals and gems! You are joint heir to the Kingdom along with Christ Jesus! May He envelop you in His mighty arms this day! I pray that you know the depth, the width, the height and length of His great love that He has just for you! Yes God! 
Oh precious child of the Most High, know that nothing is impossible for you through Christ Jesus! Higher heights and deeper depths will you go in Him! He will blow your mind as He reveal His heart and mind concerning you! Things that you’ve never fathomed is your destiny! Just believe! His blueprint for your life is solid! Trust that! The word of God concerning you will never return to Him void! It will do what it was purposed to do! That’s the will and promise of God! So beloved, be not dismayed or discouraged, but hold on to His unchanging hand as you walk into a multitude of blessings! 
Father, I praise You in advance for what You’ve done for your beloved! May peace and joy overtake Your child this here day! And may a life be forever changed! Yes! And amen! Yes! In the precious and powerful name of Christ Jesus I do declare and decree this to be! And so it is! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!
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