Study Date: 27 May 18            
Scripture: PSALM 34: 1-10; HEBREWS 2: 17-18           
Biblical Date: about 1000 B.C.; ABOUT A. D. 67     
Biblical Location: PALESTINE

KEY VERSE:  “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” (Psalm 34: 8)

  • To find the mercy and faithfulness of God in times of need.
  • To understand that God can restore joyful fellowship with Him.
  • To know that the joy of the Lord can be ours at anytime no matter the circumstance.
  • To appreciate the invitation to taste and see the faithfulness of God.
  • To pray for God’s will to be realized for his people.
  • To live knowing that God desires to restore us to fellowship daily.

Leviticus 16: 15-19, Psalm 34: 11-18; Hebrews 2: 5-28; Matthew 4: 1-11.

Words to Remember

Delivered—snatch away; rescued, saved, plundered.

Humble—meek, afflicted, poor.

Magnify—to grow, become great, promote, make powerful, praise.

Praise—adoration, thanksgiving to God.

Saved—be delivered, rescued, redeemed.

Seek—enquire. Search.


What happened to the joy you had when you first believed in Jesus Christ?

What causes us to fade away from fellowship with the Lord?

Is back sliding and slipping common among believers?

What can we learn from 1 John 1: 9?

How can we be brought back into the joy and fellowship of the Lord?

How can each of us encourage others to seek restoration to fellowship with God?

  1. Magnify the Lord/Praise for Deliverance (Psalm 34: 1-3)
  2. David changed as referred to in 1 Samuel 21: 10-15).
  3. Believers are to magnify the Lord at all times.
  4. Our souls should be committed to the Lord.
  5. Magnify the name of the Lord.
  6. Look to the Lord/No need for Despair (Psalm 34: 4-7)
  7. Look to the Lord for deliverance from fears.
  8. Look to the Lord for deliverance from troubles.
  9. Trust In The Lord/Refuge in God (Psalm 34: 8-10)
  10. Trust God because He is good.
  11. Trust God for your needs.
  12. Find Help In the Lord/Jesus Our High Priest (Hebrew 2: 17-18)
  • Christ was fully human and experienced what we do.
  • He went through the same temptations as we are going.
  • He knows and can show us mercy and help us.

There are countless blessings of fellowship with God that we can enjoy.  He will rstore us to rejoicing at any time.


WHAT DOES MAGNIFYING THE Lord mean and how do we do that?

How often should we magnify the Lord?

How can we be delivered from the fears we have?

What are we assured of about “the angel of the Lord”?

What does it mean to “taste and see that the Lord is good”?

In what ways did Jesus become like us?

How was Jesus not like you and I?

What does “Propitiation” mean?

Because Jesus was tempted as we are, what can He do for us?

How does Jesus help us to resist temptation?

What Scriptures can we turn to when we need to return to God?


What can we do to show gratitude for what God makes available to us?

What can we expect to find when we seek the Lord?

Why is it important to always bless the Lord and praise Him?

Is it necessary for us to come together to praise God?

What is the connection between restoration and rejoicing?

What can we expect to be the results when we praise the Lord and exalt His name?

What gives us evidence that God hears our prayers?

Can we be tempted beyond the reconciling power of Jesus?


Salvation is reason enough to bless the Lord for the rest of our lives.

Focus on the Lord and He will bless.

We should gather together to celebrate and rejoice for God’s goodness.

When we seek the Lord, He will deliver us.

God is good and will not withhold any good thing from His people.

God is merciful to reconcile us to Himself.

Turn to Jesus for the help you need.

Just as Jesus did, He will help us resist temptation.

When we praise God, He promises us blessings of reconciliation.

When trouble comes, all keep your eyes on the Lord.

To taste of the Lord is to embrace the Lord with all one’s being.

The biblical response to struggles is praise to God for deliverance.

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