Bible Study


Study Date: 29 April 18
Scripture: REVELATION 5: 6-14
Biblical Date: ABOUT A. D. 96
Biblical Location: PATMOS

KEY VERSE:  “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.” (Revelation 5: 12)

  • To analyze what it means to worship the heavenly Lamb of God.
  • To understand what it means to worship the heavenly Lamb.
  • To better see how we can be living in and for Christ.
  • To reflect on the whole world worshipping the Lamb.
  • To worship as a whole world and be faithful to God.
  • To daily practice the honor and praise of God and the Lamb.

1 Peter 1: 3-9; 1 Corinthians 15: 20-28; Exodus 29: 38-46; Romans 8: 31-39, Ezekiel 2: 8-3: 11; Revelations 5: 1-5.


Book—a written document, a scroll

Earth—the ground, the place on which we stand.

Hand—the right, the place of authority.

Lamb—the Christ, the Savior.

Redeemed—purchased, bought.

Slain—killed, slaughtered.

Worthy—having value, being counted acceptable.


What did John The Baptist means by “Behold, the Lamb of God”?

When the Lamb comes, what would be a normal and expected reaction?

Is it that God needs our praise or that we need to praise Him?

What must we do to be rightly related to God?

Confession means forsaking sin and then yielding to the Holy Spirit.

To be a well-adjusted believers, we must be right spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

THE SEED        BLESSING, GLORY, AND HONOR FOREVER               Revelation 5: 6-14
  1. Now Behold The Lamb (Revelation 5: 6)
  2. WE are to look and see what the Lord is doing.
  3. The Lamb of God is present.
  4. He is on the throne with others around.
  5. The Spirit of the Lord is sent to earth.
  6. The Scroll and The Bowl (Revelation 5: 7-8)
  7. The Spirit took the book of all knowing out of the hands of the Lamb of God.
  8. The plan of God cannot be halted.
  9. We can experience the plan of God through the Lamb of God.
  10. Prayers of the saints matter.
  11. Sing A New Song (Revelation 5: 9-12)
  12. They sang a new song of His worthiness to take the book.
  13. Christ was slain and is our redeemer.
  14. Praise was more than a high calling but a sevenfold doxology.
  15. To Him Who Sits On The Throne (Revelation 5: 13-14)
  16. Every creature offered blessings, honor, glory, and power.
  17. The 24 elders worshiped Him forever.

To truly know God is to acknowledge His worthiness of blessing, honor, power, and glory. Praise God all the time.


What do you suppose was in the book with the seven seals?

Why was Jesus seen in the form of a Lamb?

How are the three persons of the Triune God presented?

Why is Jesus worthy of take the book and open it?

What is the significance of the harps and the bowls?

What three aspect of Christ’s work are highlighted in the song?

How many angels are involved in worship?

How extensive is the worship of the Lamb?

How does the nature of Christ impact our worship?

What do we learn about true worship and it’s nature?


How is it possible for Jesus to be the Good Shepherd and the Lamb of God?

What does the number seven (7) signify?

How does the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus affect believers?

How is the birth of Jesus and His end similar and different?

What does the sacrifice and the humility of Jesus pass on to us?

What can we do to honor the Lamb of God?


Jesus died here on earth that we might live there with Him.

The Lamb received the scroll.

The only person with worthy and power to redeem man is Jesus.

The blood of Jesus has power to save all people.

Worshippers sing a new song.

Through the grace of God, we become royalty and reign with Him.

Angels join us in praising God.

All living creatures must worship the Lamb of God, Jesus.

Jesus is worthy of eternal praise.


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