Prayer Time

Morning Prayer: The World in His Hands

My God, You’ve got the whole world in Your hands! It blesses my soul to know this truth as it reminds me that everything is alright! That which we see happening around us You are not only fully aware of, but in control of! The unseen, You have that too! We can rest assure that when it is all said and done, we will reap the benefits of Your glory! Oh thank You Lord! See, many moons ago sweet Jesus was wreaking havoc in the kingdom of the enemy!!! He was taking him captive and setting souls free! Satan was confused and more importantly, defeated! You exalted Your Son and all is beneath Him! So this day I thank You for reminding us of Who is truly in control! Always was and will forever be You! You are the Alpha and the Omega! All things begin and end with You! It’s Your plan that will come to pass! It’s You who spoke and it was! It’s You who gives the final say and it cannot be undone! It’s You who gave all power that Your Son rose on that third day! It’s You oh God who has the power to put Satan in his place! My God it’s You Lord who does the impossible in our lives! It’s You who heal the sick and makes Your beloved whole! It’s You who make ways where there was none! It’s You who restores, rebuilds and replenishes my God! It’s You! It’s Your grace that sustains is! It’s Your magnificent mercy that is refreshed daily! My God! It’s You! So this here day, through the joys and pains, we look to You oh God, from which cometh our help! We look to You for the courage, strength and stamina to make it through! We look to You oh God for a peace that only You can give! For joy unspeakable that comes from the depth of our soul! Touch us there! And we look to You for love that covers a multitude of things! My God, this day, we look to You! And in You, we can rest and enjoy the peace, love and joy that only You can give! It’s in the mighty, marvelous and matchless name of Christ Jesus that we do pray, believe and decree this here to be! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen!

Offered by Shavetta

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