Father it’s in the precious and powerful name of the Son that I come humbly before You this day giving You all the glory, honor and praise just for Who You are, God Almighty in Your own right! There is none like You in the Heaven, earth and universe! You are the only true and living God! And I am so very grateful that I am all Yours! I’m grateful for the mighty yet gentle hand that’s upon me! I am grateful for the breath of life You’ve placed within lil ole me! I am grateful that the rhythm of my heart is in sync with Yours! I am grateful for eyes that see beyond what’s in front of me as I walk by faith and not by sight! I am so very grateful for ears that hear the whisper of Your beautiful voice! I’m grateful this day for a heart that yearns to commune with You! Touch me this day in the very depth of my soul! Search the vey recessed of my heart to remove anything that’s not of You and replace it with Your qualities oh God! I ask that You kiss the raw places of my heart to completely heal me! I ask that You touch this here body and make it whole! I speak healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually oh God! I ask that You heal and make me whole financially oh God that I may be an asset not only to my family, but to the Kingdom! I ask that You have Your way! I surrender all! YesLord! Your will and Your way!

Dress me up this day oh God! And not just in my outerwear, but from the inside out! May I wear the right attitude! May Your light shine brightly! May my words reflect Your heart as I speak life to others and situations! May people be drawn to the Christ within me as You radiate love, compassion, truth and encouragement! Yes! Permeate the very atmosphere as You change hearts, minds, and save souls! May negativity give way to positive vibes this day! May my steps be ordered and I miss not one single beat! I pray that we are in sync and on one accord my Lord! Gird me up and take captive every thought! I’m walking in Your peace, love and joy! I have the sweet victory of Christ Jesus! I declare that I shall see unprecedented favor unfold before my eyes that’s bestowed upon lil ole me! And I praise You because I’ll get to tell the story of Your goodness to that curious soul that’s been watching it all! Oh yes and amen! Yes! Won’t You do it! I smile now as I walk in expectancy of an amazing day in You! And as I lay down this night, my mind will replay Your goodness that’s been displayed throughout my day! I believe it and receive it! It is in the mighty, marvelous and matchless name of Christ Jesus that I do pray this to be! And so it is! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!

Offered by Shavetta

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