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Prayer Time

Father, my prayer this day is that You place encouragement in the hearts and minds of Your children! I pray that as we all open our mouths this day, it is Your words that comes forth that will speak life into situations and over people my Lord! I pray that we uplift one another as You remind us that we all have one thing or another that we face! And Lord even when that one comes that may not act kind towards us, may Your light so shine from within us, and it is You and You alone that convicts the heart and touch that very soul! Yes Lord! Have mercy upon them and us as well! I’m asking for Hope my Lord! For joy as it is our strength! I’m asking for the faith within us that moves mountains! For faith that propels us past the threshold of our breakthroughs! Oh yes my God! Yes! I pray this day that we see ourselves as the precious gems that You say we are! Heads held high, shoulders back and going forward in our destiny! We shall reach the mark of the high calling! We shall reap an abundant harvest! We shall prosper therefore what we do in the Kingdom also prospers! My Lord, we know that we hold a Light within us that cannot be contained or extinguished! We go forward doing Your will oh God as You perfect that thing within us! And that being so, may it bless us through and through as we go forward in the great hope and expectations in You! It’s a blessed and glorious day as we behold Your majesty and see the strokes of Your mighty hand! Oh yes and amen! It is so! And we will be so very careful to give You all the glory, honor and praise! Yes this here I’m declaring and decreeing to be in the mighty name of Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen again!

Offered by Shavetta

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