Prayer Time

Sunrise Prayer

Father on this day I pray a special one for Your beloved. May every need be exceeded. May every thought not on above be taken captive. May the mind be renewed this day. May Your child embrace purpose: that which You’ve ordained before Your precious child ever came to be. I pray a peace that goes beyond understanding. I pray unspeakable joy that floods the soul. I pray for new mercies this day. I pray that Your beloved find that Your grace is sufficient. Oh yes God. PrayerLight

I pray that You touch the very depth of the soul that brings about profound change in Your child.  I ask that You kiss the raw places of the heart. Heal and make whole. I ask that You bring about healing in the most painful of situations. I pray for the families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Touch them oh God and fill the void. I pray that Your child press into You for a greater understanding and for peace oh God. This day I pray for the reconciliation of families and restoration of relationships that are of You! Yes Lord! I pray for the strengthening of marriages. Br the third strand that binds them together my Lord. And may there be respect, love and adoration between a parent and child.

Lord it’s on this day that I believe the possibilities that You see for and in Your child that will come to be. I pray that You move the obstacles and pull or push us through to stand in victory! Be the strength that’s needed so that Your child can persevere. Oh yes and amen. I thank You now for Your goodness and faithfulness! And for being just Everything that Your child needs. And I say thank You! Thank You! And thank You! Yes, this here I do pray and decree to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And it is so. Amen. Amen. Glory hallelujah! And amen!

Offered by Shavetta

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