Prayer Time

Prayer Time: Thank You Father!

Father God I thank You this day for Your unconditional love! There is no greater love than the love You express to us day in and day out! And I thank You for it! I’m reminded this day that You never intended for us to live a life of regrets, but one of abundance! Sometimes we become discouraged because of what we see, how we feel and what we face. We pray and pray and it just seems like the prayer didn’t get through. Or we think You are too slow to answer to our liking. Or that the answer is no. Or whatever it may be, we get to feeling that we do not want to wait on You any longer….so we go and create our own blessings, this little Ishmael when You has in mind to give us an Isaac! Oh help us God! And forgive us. We then find that You are cleaning up the mess we created! So this day, as Your beloved, we will seek You with all of our hearts. We will not  make any decisions without You. We know that sometimes the answer isn’t no, but to wait as Your timing is always impeccable! Yes God! Sometimes the answer is not what we want to hear, but trust You knowing that You have our best interests at heart! You give good and perfect gifts! And sometimes what we want so bad is detrimental to our growth that may be a negative from You instead of the yes we seek! We trust You! Your good is good for us! We understand that we are limited in our understanding but You are not! Your ways and thoughts are much higher! You know the blueprint of our lives and we recognize this day that it is in the best hands! The promise did come to Abraham and Sarah, they had to learn to wait, trust and know that You are a faithful God! And just as it came to pass for them, You will do the same for us as You are no respecter of person! Oh yes God! And unlike Sarah, we will not create another Ishmael because we could not wait any longer oh God! We shall wait upon You oh God and trust that Your promises are yes and amen. It shall come to pass. And we thank You for perfecting patience as we wait, yes, as we wait on You, my Lord! Yes it is in the precious and powerful name of Christ Jesus that we do pray, and it is so! Amen. Amen. And amen!

Offered by Shavetta

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