Lesson Date: 28 Jan 18

Scripture: Daniel 10: 10-19

Biblical Date: 539 B. C.

Location: Babylon

Key verse:  “O man greatly beloved, fear not:  peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong.  And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my Lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me.” (Daniel 10: 19)

  • To understand the significance of fasting and mourning.
  • To explore the visit by the angel to Daniel.
  • To send the state of Daniel mind during the heavenly visit.
  • To recognize the value of sincere prayer and seeking God seriously.
  • To have a heart for others to know and seek God.
  • To thank God for always granting His people what they need.

Genesis 46: 1-7; Joshua 1: 1-9; Ezekiel 1: 26-2: 7; Acts 16: 6-10; Daniel 10: 1-9; Daniel 12: 8-13.

  • Anguish—sorrow, pain, hurt.
  • Michael—am arch angel from God.
  • Revelation—something directly from God.
  • Vision—-dream, revelation.

What are some of the things that cause us to be depressed?

What can we do to overcome depression?

When an angelic messenger comes, what is likely to happen to us humans?

What is the value of prayer?

When can we expect God to answer our prayers?

Does God send messengers to His servants today?  How?

THE SEED        A STRONG FAITH/STRENGTH WHEN YOU NEED IT             Daniel 10: 10-19
  1. God’s Answer to Prayer (Daniel 10: 10-12)
  2. God sent an angel to touch Daniel whiles he slept.
  3. Daniel was told not to be afraid and confirmed the answer to his prayer.
  4. When God’s messenger speaks, we are left trembling.
  5. We must hear what God has to say to us.
  6. Demonic Resistance to Divine Assistance (Daniel 10: 13-17)
  7. Michael, God special messenger, came to help.
  8. He came to help Daniel understand the message of God, restore his voice.
  9. But the devil also came to try to confuse things.
  10. Daniel was weak and lacking in strength because of the conflict.
  11. Strength from Another Touch (Daniel 10: 18-19)
  12. A second time Daniel had a heavenly visitor.
  13. The strength of Daniel was restored.
  14. God will provide help as we face the enemy.

Our fervent prayers are honored by God.  He answers and supplies us with strength, peace, fearlessness, and growth.


What did the heavenly messenger di fir Daniel?

How did Daniel respond to the heavenly messenger?

What assurance did Daniel receive?

What made it hard for the angel to get to Daniel?

Who was involved in the supernatural battle that took place?

What does the test reveal about demons?

What was the message from the angel going to be about.

What period of time would that message cover?

What made Daniel speechless?

How did regain his speech?

What do we learn from Daniels repeated encounter with the angels?

What was Daniel given strength for?


What does Daniel prayer posture tell us?

Examine a time when you felt week in approaching the task God assigned to you.

When do believers find strength to do the Lord’s work?

Have you experienced delays in answers to your prayers?

In what ways are we engaged in spiritual battles today?

When can we find encouragement to go forward?

What are some Biblical passage that help you to remain faithful and prayerful.


Depend on the strength that comes from god.

Remember God’s love is sufficient in times of uncertainty.

God may delay in answering but He always does.

Believers may understand when others do not.

God knows exactly what you and I need.

One of our greatest weapons in spiritual warfare is prayer.

God is always in control and will act for our good.

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