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Study Date: 7 Jan 18
Scripture: Daniel 1: 8-21            
Biblical Date: 587 B.C.          
Location: Babylon

KEY VERSE:     “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat.” (Daniel 1: 8)

  • To make sense of the choice made by Daniel.
  •  To understand the culture and its influence of Daniel’s time.
  • To appreciate the resolve of a young man trapped by a world of idolatry.
  • To aspire to have faith like Daniel and deal with contradictions.
  • To trust God to be in control no matter the feelings or circumstances we face.
  • To identify the situations and exercise our faith in dealing with them.

Psalm 56; 1 Kings 18: 30-39; Jeremiah 29: 4-9; Matthew 5: 13-16; Revelation 2: 8-11; Daniel 1.


Ashpenaz—chief of the king’s court.

Carried Into—to be lead in by another.

Daniel—one carried into Babylon who stood up to the king’s orders.

Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah—three Hebrew boys in Babylonian training.

Nebuchadnezzar—king of Babylonia who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple.

Royal—delicacies, food.

Servants—those subject to another.

Wisdom—wise, skillful, knowing what to do.


What were Hebrews doing in Babylonia?

What did the king of Babylonia want the Hebrews to do?

Who is the main character in the book of Daniel?

How often is God caught by surprise in the affairs of people?

What two individuals gave orders to Daniel?

What was the physical appearance of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azaraiah in the beginning?

What does diet have to do with indoctrination?

THE SEED        A SINCERE FAITH/WATCH WHAT YOU EAT              Daniel 1: 8-21
  1. Convictions Tested (Daniel 1: 8-10) Refusal and Favor.
  2. Believe must have a personal resolve to live according to god’s Word.
  3. Some things we ought to be concerned about while others we can live with.
  4. Personal integrity makes the difference no matter who you are.
  5. God blesses those who stand for right.
  6. Convictions Maintained (Daniel 1: 11-17) Daniel and His Friends on Trial.
  7. Never fear making a special request to please God.
  8. God is in control of His children and will not let them fall short.
  9. In fact, God will provide special care for His children as needed.
  10. God will cause even our enemies to work in our favor.
  11. Convictions Rewarded (Daniel 1: 18-21) Blessings of Obedience.
  12. The king is not ignorant of the power of God among His people.
  13. Wise men of God are wiser than wise men of the world.
  14. Those who walk with God will be blessed with longevity.

Confidence in God allows His children to stand for Him in the face of all tests.  Dedication and faithfulness will be rewarded.


What was the concern of Daniel and his friends about the king’s diet?

Whose integrity is on display in Daniel 1: 9-10?

Why did the King’s man say he could not grant Daniel’s request?

What creative alternative did Daniel offer?

Why did the steward agree to this offer?

How did this test turn out?

What resulted from the change of diet for Daniel and his three friends?

How were these men set apart from others by the gift of wisdom?

Who interviewed these men and what did he discover?

What idiom describes their superior intelligence?

What does obedience reveal about faith?


Where might Daniel have gotten his strong morals from?

What are some of the daily reminders that we live in a world that does not honor God?

What impact did Nebuchadnezzar think the changing of names would have on the Hebrews?

What must parents do to bring their children closer to God?

What can believers expect with a gentle and meek spirit?

What did those who examined Daniel and his companions find?

What made the convictions of Daniel so powerful and rewarding?

What was Daniel given the ability to understand?

What will God do for those who are faithful?


Expect your commitment to God to be tested.

Respect authority.

When you stand for God, He will intervene on your behalf.

Although believers cooperate in society, there are some truths that cannot be compromised.

Believers are called to obey and shine for God in this world.

God will help us by giving us gifts recognizable to all.

The wisdom of God is superior to the practice of the world.

When we yield our hearts to God, He will use our skills and knowledge to His glory.

God has placed you where you are for a reason.

Trust God to fulfill His purpose.









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