Prayer Time

“Morning by Morning, New Mercies I See”

Good morning my Love! It’s a splendid day in You and we rejoice in it! Your angels have gone before us to prepare the path. The snares of the evil one has been uncovered. Thank You Lord for guiding and protecting us! Thank You for the multitude of blessings that await us. May they flow through us to be a blessing to others! Yes God! On this here day we thank You for the life, liberty and love of Christ Jesus! We are who You say we are! We can do that which You’ve called us to do! Nothing is impossible for You oh God, so we ask that You make the impossible possible for us this day! Those things that were once out of reach, we now possess! Open the doors to our destiny and close and seal tight those that leads to our destruction! That promotion, that job, that home, that car, that degree, my Lord, that which once was unobtainable we thank You for making it happen! Yes, according to Your most perfect will! We praise You for the suddenlies! For breakthroughs! Wrap us in Your loving arms! Peace, love and joy becomes us! Thank You for allowing us to bask in Your holy and loving presence! May the gratitude that we have be pleasing to Your heart oh Lord! Whisper loving words and thoughts into our ears and hearts this day! Bind up distractions and hindrances my Lord, showing us just what they are! We ask that You help us to keep our mind on You to partake of perfect peace! We walk in the life, liberty and love of Christ Jesus! And everyday we are forever changed! So I call out to You this day, daring to believe that what’s been requested is already done! Yes! This here we pray and decree to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And so it is! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah and amen!

Prayer offered by Shavetta

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