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Lesson Date: 17 Dec. 17
Scripture: ACTS 14: 8-11, 19-23
Biblical Date: A.D. 48
Location: Galatia

MEMORY VERSE:  “(They confirmed) the souls of the disciples, and (exhorted) them to continue in the faith…that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”  (Acts 14: 22)

  • To review and interprete miracles performed.
  • To see the dangers that come with being a disciple.
  • Know that serving the Lord can be a lonely undertaking.
  • To appreciate the fickleness of crowd mentality.
  • To encourage fellow disciples to be aware of the needs of a servant of God.
  • To ask God for courage and strength to resist the devil.

Colossians 1: 24-2:5, Acts 17: 22-33; Philippians 1: 27-30; 2 Timothy 2: 1-10; 2 Corinthians 1: 3-11; Acts 14: 1-7.


Barnabas—an early Christian missionary, sharer.

Gospel—the good news announced.

Gods—-those with all power.

Lystra—a city in the southern part of Rome.

Paul—persecutor of the church, later became preacher and missionary.

Stoned—pelted with rocks.


What areas do conquerors have influence on those they conquer?

Who were Felix and Festus?

Who is responsible for overseeing taxation and maintaining peace>

What made the church the best it could be?

What four things did the early church dedicate themselves to?

What did the early church say about money, staff, attendance, or music?

THE SEED        FAITH TO PERSEVERE/JUMPING FOR JOY                ACTS 14: 8-11; 19-23
  1. Healing The Lame Man (Acts 14: 8-10)
  2. The handicapped man was the first healed by the disciples.
  3. Paul realized the man had faith to be healed.
  4. Paul spoke with authority and the man leap.
  5. Men Mistaken for God (Acts 14: 11)
  6. The people saw what happened and responded improperly.
  7. The people assumed that some unique Godly power had come.
  8. They misjudged the role of the disciples.
  9. The Hardships of Ministry (Acts 14: 19-23)
  10. The leaders stirred up the people and stoned Paul.
  11. They were run out of the city.
  12. Paul left with Banabas to do ministry.
  13. They traveled back and forth to witness.
  14. Despite the tribulations, they confirmed the believers.
  15. The church was organized and ministers were ordained and sent to do God’s work.
The servants of God face opposition and need encouragement.  We want to quit but God want us to persevere.

What happened over and over to make the missionaries move on?

How was Lystra different and the missionaries who ministered there?

What do we know about a certain man listening to Paul preach?

How did Paul react to the man’s listening?

How did the people respond to what Paul did to the man?

What caused the people’s response to change?

When the change came what was the result?

Who dragged Paul out of the city and left him for dead?

Why did the missionaries go back to the same cities?

What made the church more stable and lasting?


What is the role of hearing the Word in producing faith?

What caused the people to believe Paul and Barnabas were gods?

What temptation might Paul and Barnabas have faced?

Why do you think the same people who would have worshiped Paul and Barnabas wanted to killed them?

What are some of the dangers of being a Christian today?

What must believers do to support the church today?

Where can believers find help and strength to keep going in spite of opposition?


God will reveal His power and character.

God is still in the healing business.

Believers must give God credit for what He does not men.

Each believer must support other believers to do the Lord’s work.

Believers can expect to be persecuted.

Obey God and trust Him no matter what opposition you face.

Sharing the gospel not comfort must be the believer’s priority.

God will always prevail regardless of the hostility you face.

There is no harm in suffering for the Gospel.

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