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Study Date: 3 Dec 17                      

Scripture: Acts 3: 11-21            

Location: Jerusalem                        

Biblical Date: A. D. 30

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: People who are broken want to be restored and made whole.  Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to be revived and made whole.

KEY VERSE:  “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” (Acts 3: 19)

  • To examine the role of Peter’s healing miracle.
  • To understand that Jesus is the promised Messiah.
  • To know that salvation requires faith.
  • To value the need of bold witnessing.
  • To realize that a clear   pronouncement of the gospel requires us to believe.
  •  To exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and share with others.

Psalm 118: 1-14; Acts 3: 22-26; Luke 7: 44-50; Acts 13: 44-49; Acts 3: 1-10.



Faith—reliance on Christ for salvation, assurance, belief.

Healed—made physically whole.

Ignorance—willful blindness, inadvertence.

Wiped Out—obliterated, blotted out, removed.


What is the purpose of entering the temple of God?

Who might be present as we enter the temple?

What do believers and ministers have to offer that money cannot provide?

What happens to those who a touched by God?

What is the reaction of others when they see evidence of the touch of God?

THE SEED        FAITH IN JESUS/SEEKING WHOLENESS                    ACTS 3: 11-21
  1. Peter Preaching Jesus To an Instant Audience (3: 11-12)
  2. The healed lame man caused the people to come together.
  3. Those who came together stood in amazement.
  4. Peter clarified for the people that he was only an instrument.
  5. What Peter and John did was because of their relationship to God.
  6. The Message of The Gospel Preached (3: 13-16)
  7. What happened to the lame man was of God.
  8. God was the one to be praised.
  9. To assign the work of God to any other is to deny God and his power.
  10. We harm the cause of God by our failure to see His handiwork.
  11. His death is the ultimate of gift of healing power.
  12. An Appeal To the People To Respond (3: 17-21)
  13. Peter conceded that the people acted out of ignorance.
  14. The prophets had said suffering would be Jesus’ state.
  15. People need to repent of their wrong doing.
  16. Christ would be sent and preached.
  17. He would come back the second time for sure.

What was the occasion that allowed Peter to preach this sermon?

What was the response of the people to the miracle?

What question did Peter ask the gathering people?

How did Peter present God as the people turned to Him?

What did Peter say about what the Jews did regarding the death of Jesus?

What did Peter say God had done that the apostles witnessed?

How was faith connected to healing power?

What grace did Peter show toward the guilty people?

What did Peter mean when he said the people should repent?

What did Peter mean when he referred to times of refreshing?


How can you become better prepared to share your faith?

What ways are believers tempted to depend on their own power?

How can believers help those who believe they cannot turn away from sin?

How had Peter’s audience rejected Jesus?

Is ignorance of God’s Word an excuse for sin?

How does God deal with our ignorance of His word?


Believers must remain alert.

We must be prepared to share the gospel at all times.

Depend on God’s power for boldness to speak His truth.

A believer’s message must focus on God and His power.

Focus on self is misguided and misdirected.

As we grow in Christ, our actions reflect deeper knowledge.

We trust God’s Word because we know His record.

God always keeps His word.

Only God can both forgive and restore.

Trust God and His unquestionable timing.


The people saw and were filled with adoration.

Onlookers ought to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Peter stood tall and proclaimed the Word of God.

The one true god is expressed in Jesus.

The apostles extended an invitation to repent.

Our role is to proclaim the Gospel and call people to repentance.

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