Prayer Time

Thanksgiving Prayer

Father on this day may it be one full of thanksgiving and praise because of who You are, the Almighty God! The Creator of all! The Giver of life! And the Lover of this here soul! I’m thankful today my Lord for life, liberty and love! I am thankful for everlasting love! I’m thankful for the blueprint of our lives for it’s a beautiful one designed by the Best! I thank You this day for mercy and grace! I’m grateful for beautiful relationships with You, one that’s intimate and like none other! And it’s all due to You!

Lord this day I ask that You bless families across this globe! Heal homes, hearts and the land! There are some who are sad because a loved one is no longer here, comfort as only You can! Restore and reconcile families oh God! Heal bodies and broken hearts! Uplift and encourage! And I ask that You touch in a profound way that none remain the same!

May it truly be a day of thanksgiving that’s a precursor of many days of thankfulness for all that You’ve done! And the best is still yet to come! May our praise be a sweet aroma that’s found acceptable to You! May it touch Your heart and place a smile on Your beautiful face! We give many thanks this day for all things my Lord to include life and love…and may we experience it in abundance! So from the bottom of our hearts we say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Yes! It’s in Jesus’ sweet name that we do pray this to be! Amen! Amen! And amen!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Offered by Shavetta

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