Prayer Time

Prayer: It’s an Awesome Day…

Morning Prayer offered by Shavetta Williams

Good morning Giver of life and Lover of our soul! It’s an awesome day in You and we shall rejoice. We praise You as we partake of Your goodness! As we revel in the peace, love and joy that comes from You! As grace and mercy covers us! As discernment becomes us! As knowledge, wisdom and understanding are imparted into us! Oh thank You, Lord. I praise You this day as You whisper encouraging words in our ears! Build us up where we were once torn down! Restore us oh God and make us whole! Oh I thank You this day for this here renewed mind! For the heart that’s receiving all that You have in store! For the soul that’s been purged of the inequities as You instill Your loving qualities deep within! Father I want to thank You on today for all that this day entails! Some are not looking forward to it because of the constant battle at the job! Some because they have to go to that schoolhouse and suffer at the hands of bullies! But for You, my Lord! But for You! My God I’m asking that You move so for Your children this day that it becomes a spectacular day in You! May You turn things around for our good as we lay all concerns at Your feet! May You shut down the enemy this day! Cancel the assignments! Bind him and his minions up in the mighty name of Jesus! Send confusion into his camp that keeps them busy all the day long! Bind up the bullying, bitterness, oppression and depressive spirits that we find in the very atmosphere where You have placed us. This day I’m declaring that light be where there was once darkness! I’m declaring the boldness and confidence that You have been cultivating within us be evident this here day! Help us to be steadfast and unmovable, standing on the Rock, upright due to righteousness…Your righteousness! We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Greater are You that’s within us than he that is in this world! Yes God! May we believe it and we walk it out this very day! I’m asking for an extraordinary day in You where You just blow our mind as You move on our behalf! And it is so! Do it my Love, do it! Yes this here I declare and decree to be in the mighty and matchless name of the Son, Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah! And amen!

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