Prayer Time

Prayer: Our Father, Which Art in Heaven…

Oh mighty and magnificent Lord above I give You glory, honor and praise on this here day! I’m thanking You for yet another day on this side of Glory! A day where we can get it right! Grateful for yet another opportunity to be used by You and be a blessing to the Kingdom! It’s another day where we can stand and see Your glory all around us! Where we see the hand of Heaven move on our behalf! It’s a day where we are reconciled to You oh God! Where we are restored and replenished so that we may go forth and do great things in the mighty name of Jesus! I thank You this day for regulating this here mind! For cleansing and keeping this here heart! For purging this here soul! For the pulling down of strongholds in the lives of Your beloveds! For the breaking of chains and binding up those things that has held Your dear child bound my Lord! It’s a glorious day in You for Your child soars this day as You are the wind beneath the wings! Higher heights and deeper depths! No weapon formed against shall prosper! It’s on this day that I thank You for healing the land oh God! For touching Your people in such a mighty way! I thank You for healing! Your anointing! Your unprecedented favor! For sweet grace and tender mercies! On this here day I thank You for breakthroughs! For blowing the mind of Your child as You move as only You can! Stand still this day oh mighty child of the most high God, and know that the great Jehovah is God! The very Heart of Heaven shall move and it will be something to behold! Praise Him and glorify His most holy name! Yes God! It is this here that I pray and decree to be in that name that’s above all others, Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! And amen!

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